Monday, November 5th, 2018

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Sweet and Salty Sweet Potato Salad - Home & Family

Sweet and Salty Sweet Potato Salad

Host of OWN’s “Home Made Simple with Laila Ali,” Laila Ali is in the kitchen making a delicious side dish of sweet and salty sweet potato salad. The key is to pour the dressing over the sweet potatoes while they are still hot because the dressing absorbs faster. She adds the celery to the salad for an added crunch.

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DIY Christmas Shadow Box

Ken Wingard is getting into the holiday spirit by showing you how to make your own Christmas shadow box. Be cautious when using the hot glue because if you have it set at high temperature, you might ruin the thin wiring.

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Mike Love and The Beach Boys

Mike Love and The Beach Boys hit the Home & Family stage to perform their hit, “Reason for the Season” from their Christmas album.

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Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool Review

Kym Douglas is back and giving you tips on how to clean your makeup brushes. She recommends washing your brushes at least once a week. Today, she is introducing you to some of her favorite products that will help keep your brushes clean.

Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa ($28)
3-in-1 tool that washes, dries, and shapes brushes
Can be used to store up to 18 brushes

stylPro Original ($30 - $40)
Washes and dries makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds

ULTA Beauty Smarts New Hue Shadow Switching Pan ($9)
Makeup removing sponges allow you to use the same brush for different eyeshadow colors, without mixing shades or getting your brush wet

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Sarah Verardo

Author and CEO of The Independence Fund, Sarah Verardo sits down with Cameron and Debbie to discuss her foundation, which aids wounded veterans and their families. She also introduces Home & Family to her children’s book, “Hero at Home,” which was inspired by her husband and wounded veteran, Mike.

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Chocolate Marshmallow Walnut Fudge - Home & Family

Chocolate Marshmallow Walnut Fudge with Sea Salt

Jessie Sheehan, author of “The Vintage Baker,” is making a decadent dessert of chocolate marshmallow walnut fudge with sea salt. She emphasizes that this recipe is super-easy to follow. Before adding the walnuts, she toasts them for more flavor.

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DIY Holiday Balloon Parade - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Balloon Parade

Maria Provenzano has a fun DIY, by showing you how to replicate giant balloons, out of smaller styrofoam balls. This includes making a turkey, snowman and Santa. When you are done with painting the styrofoam balls, add the embellishments to make the balls look more like the parade balloons.

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Sugar Plums - Home & Family

DIY Sugar Plums

Shirley Bovshow is getting inspired by the dance of the Sugar Plum fairies by showing you how to make your own fruit candies. She is making the candies out of dried fruits and spices with a dash of orange zest and ground almonds.

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