Monday, May 23rd, 2016

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Two-Toned Sunglasses - Home & Family

DIY Two-Toned Sunglasses

Orly Shani shows you how easy it is to make two-toned sunglasses using only an old pair of sunglasses, spray paint, tape and varnish. Make sure you get an inexpensive pair of sunglasses so you can easily pop out the lens. Mark and Cristina demonstrate just how cool two-toned sunglasses are by wearing them afterwards.

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Jaclyn Smith Interview

Actress Jaclyn Smith drops by to talk about inner beauty and finding deep happiness.
She attributes her true joy to moments with her family. She talks about her skincare line,
which her husband created based on her own daily regime. “Jaclyn’s Angels” is a charity
that works with AbilityFirst to help individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.
She touches on her hit series “Charlie’s Angels”

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Sunny’s Chicken Chorizo Hash

Sunny Anderson’s Chicken Chorizo Hash with OJ Gravy

Food Network personality Sunny Anderson joins the show to prepare a savory recipe for the family members. She combines classic comfort foods along with flavors inspired by her travels. She calls this a ‘kitchen sink’ meal which uses leftovers from the week. The recipe uses chorizo and caramelized plantains to create a unique flavor for your hash!

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Curls for Girls - Home & Family

Curls for all the Girls

Home & Family hair stylist Jan informs you about the best irons out there to get the perfect curls. She even demonstrates how to curl your straight hair to get the a classic wave. Cristina warns viewers at home to not let their curling irons get over 400 degrees because they can literally fry your hair off. Always be cautious when using hot products on your hair.

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Hot Handbags for Summer - Home & Family

Hot Handbags for Summer

Debbie Matenopoulos is here to show you the latest styles available when it comes to oversized handbags. These kind of handbags are perfect for women on the go who have various items they have to carry around. She also points out that black and white colors are very hip when it to purses and fringe is always in.

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Sergeant Joey Jones Interview

U.S. Marine veteran Joey Jones returns to Home & Family to share his story and to talk about “The Boot Campaign.” He stepped on a pressure plate which triggered a massive explosion which resulted in the loss of his legs. He talks about what patriotism means to him. He thinks we all should reflect on how we treat each other and the freedoms that we have as here in the U.S.A. He feels it is important to appreciate what is exceptional about our country. The Boot Campaign is a charity that was started in 2009. Money raised from buying the boots go to help the warriors of the U.S. military, not the wars.

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DIY Safe Sunscreen - Home & Family

DIY Safe Sunscreen

With the warmer weather approaching, Sophie Uliano explains the importance of sunscreen. First things first, she recommends getting a mineral sunscreen because it is safer to your skin. You can purchase zinc oxide powder and add it to any of your beauty products for a higher SPF.

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Jamie Durie

Host of TV show “Outback Nation” Jamie Durie gets busy in the Home & Family
backyard creating an edible vertical garden. He shares a clip from his show which focuses on re-working backyards so that they can be enjoyed by the homeowners. This earth friendly garden utilizes an anti-microbial fabric made from recycled water bottles and has an automated drip irrigation system.

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Apple Dumpling Rollups

Cristina Cooks Apple Dumpling Rollups

This Taste of Home recipe was submitted by Jenny Leighty of West Salem, Ohio.
The family members enjoy this sweet treat, while Mark helps Cristina create the dish from scratch in the kitchen. Sunny appreciates how informan this recipe is and that you can truly enjoy making it!

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DIY Balloon Dart Game - Home & Family

DIY Memorial Day Party Decor

Maria Provenzano is back and demonstrating how much fun you can have with Memorial Decorations. Today, she is making a fun balloon dart board that is perfect for your backyard party. She explains that this is a great way to encourage the grown-ups to get outside and enjoy the nice weather during the three-day weekend. After, she brings Debbie, Paige, Orly and Sophie out for some good old fashioned competition.

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Caregivers Assistance

Jeanette Pavini wraps up the show with vital information to help families and caregivers. She provides a list of important resources and other information. Nearly 66 million Americans care for an elder or disabled person and there are many support groups available. Jeanette advises finding a support group that is specific to the type of disease you are managing.
For all types of help, Jeanette recommends fro and for all types of
services. Community and senior centers often have daycare and social hours and many local transportation companies have free or low cost rides programs for patients.

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