Monday, May 1st 2017

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Salumeria Pizza Recipe - Home & Family

Paul & DeeDee Sorvino
“GoodFella’s” star Paul Sorvino and his wife, Emmy-award winner DeeDee Sorvino, join Home & Family to share a recipe from their new cookbook, “Pinot, Pasta & Parties.” The cookbook is a collection of easy-to-prepare, traditional Italian recipes. Today Paul and DeeDee share their recipes for Salumeria Pizza and The Goodfella Cocktail!

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Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day with Whitney Port & Laurenne Resnik
The founders of, Whitney Port and Laurenne Resnik, show their amazing collection of Mother’s Day bouquets. Delivered nationwide, Bloom2Bloom brings farm-fresh flowers from local farmers right to your doorstep.

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How Matt Lost 25lbs in 8 Weeks
Matt Iseman and author Dr. Brooke Goldner talk about her revolutionary diet that helped Matt drop 25lbs in just 8 weeks. Dr. Goldner’s diet plan includes 3-4 kale smoothies daily which help the body alter its cells. Along with cutting processed foods, Dr. Goldner’s diet plan can help you shed the pounds in just a few weeks.

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Black Bean Burger Recipe - Home & Family

Jack Bishop’s Black Bean Burgers
Chief Creative Officer of “America's Test Kitchen,” Jack Bishop shares a recipe from his cookbook, “Vegan for Everybody.” Jack’s Black Bean Burgers are a delicious combination of herbs, tortilla chips and black beans. Jack suggests topping this vegan treat with a dollop of vegan mayo.

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“Sidewalk Traffic” star Samm Levine
Star of the drama comedy “Sidewalk Traffic,” actor Samm Levine stops by. The film is an honest take of the harsh reality of independent film making. Sam discusses how hard it can be to make it in the entertainment business and shares clips from some of his early attempts at stardom.

Sidewalk Traffic is available now on Amazon and iTunes

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Insomnia Solutions with Kym and Matt - Home & Family

Insomnia Solutions with Kym Douglas & Matt Iseman
Matt Iseman and Kym Douglas share some of the favorite products for a good night sleep. Approximately 10 million people in the U.S. use prescription sleep aids and women are up to two times as likely to suffer from insomnia than men. Chronic insomnia can stem from stress, eating late, travel or poor sleep habits. In this segment Matt and Kym take a look at a few products that can help you get a restful night’s sleep.

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DIY Loofah Soap - Home & Family

DIY Loofah Soap with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano shows you how to make your skin happy with DIY loofah soap. Natural loofah is derived from dried loofah fruit. Once dried, the fruit turns into a fantastic natural exfoliator. In this segment Sophie shows you how to encase the loofah in natural soap, preventing bacterial growth and creating a soothing skin treatment that won’t strip or dry your skin.

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The Science Behind Fruit Flies with Dan Kohler
Dan Kohler explains how those pesky fruit flies make it inside your home. Fruit flies can get into your home through window screens and tiny cracks and is often already on the fruit when you buy it. Fruit flies live on fermenting sugar and thrive in damp conditions. To combat these household pests, Dan recommends washing your fruit in gentle kitchen soap, regularly replacing kitchen sponges, or creating a makeshift fly trap using dish soap and cider vinegar.

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DIY Terra Cotta Pot Makeover - Home & Family

Ken Windard’s DIY Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

Ken Wingard shows you how to add new life to your terra cotta pots. Painted terra cotta pots can cost up to $40 in retail stores. In this segment Ken shows you how to create your own stylish pots with some paint and your imagination.

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