Monday, May 16th, 2016

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Justin Baldoni Interview

The handsome actor visits Home & Family to talk about his popular CW series, “Jane the Virgin,” which airs Mondays at 9/8c. He is joined by special guests, his wife, Emily and his ten month old daughter, Maiya. Justin talks up about witnessing the birth of his daughter and how the entire experience made him fall in love with his wife all over again. He even created a hashtag to use on Instagram, #DearMaiya, to share stories about his daughter on social media. Aside from acting, Justin has also created an app, “Belly Bump,” which documents a woman’s journey through pregnancy using time-lapse technology.

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Southwest Chicken Salad - Home & Family

Southwestern Chicken Salad

Chef Melissa D’Arabian is in the kitchen preparing a Southwestern Chicken Salad, which has a zesty kick featuring her own homemade paprika dressing. She points out that salads are perfect for summer and a great way to save money if you are entertaining at your house because the ingredients are simple. If you are not a fan of chicken, you can also use steak or salmon.

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DIY Finalist: Holly Houston Robbins - Home & Family

DIY Watermelon Wood Basket

Dream Jobbing finalist Holly Houston Robinson stops by to show off her DIY skills by making a wooden watermelon basket. Her DIY mantra is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be fun. She admits she has been crafting for 50 years and it all started when her grandma taught her to sew at an early age. Today’s basket is great for all occasions because it can be used for any holiday or season.

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Zoe McLellan Interview

Zoe talks to Mark and Cristina about the season finale of her CBS series, “NCIS: New Orleans,” which airs Tuesday at 9/8c. This season the show dives into her character’s personal life a little bit more, including the introduction of a mystery man she begins to date. Zoe also opens up about being able to tap into a psychic ability, including communicating with her father from beyond the grave. Zoe also discovered that her grandma had a similar gift and now she has learned to embrace it.

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Graduation Gifts

With Kym Douglas’s son Hunter about to graduate high school, Kym introduces you to some perfect graduation gifts. Before getting started, Kym brings out her son to join her for the segment. This includes a college survival kit which is a bag that can include shower sandals, a Swiss army knife and reminder notepads.

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Amy Purdy Interview

Author and professional snowboarder Amy Purdy talks about losing both legs to bacterial meningitis and at the time she had a 2% chance of living. However, it was her passion for life, snowboarding and determination that she credits for her survival. Amy also just recently married her longtime boyfriend and opens up about her wedding. Wynonna Judd even performed “Love is Alive” at Amy’s wedding. Aside from getting ready to be a correspondent for the Paralympic Games in Rio this summer, Amy has also launched her own clothing line that is both stylish, sexy and comfortable.

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Reducing Allergy Symptoms - Home & Family

Reducing Allergy Symptoms

Dr. Danica Schultz is here to talk about allergies, which can occur both seasonally or year-round with over 60 million Americans suffering from symptoms. The main outdoor allergy triggers are pollens, ragweed and mold. To reduce reactions, she recommends staying indoors during peak periods, shower after spending time outdoors and wear a dust mask when working outside. Indoor allergy triggers are dust mites, mold and pet dander. To reduce those triggers, regularly clean your home and carpets and use a dehumidifier or heater in damp areas. She also recommends Nasacort to help reduce the symptoms, as well.

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The Science of Kombucha - Home & Family

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Dan Kohler and Sophie Uliano team up to talk about kombucha, which is a fermented tea. Sophie explains that kombucha contains vitamin B and a dose of probiotics, which supports gut health. Meanwhile Dan shows the family members how kombucha is made using organic acids.

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DIY Slip Dress - Home & Family

DIY Slip Dress

Orly Shani is showing you how easy it is to make a slip dress using just a slip, trim, fabric glue, pins and scissors. Before getting started, Orly credits her mom for giving her the idea of making this dress, which is meant to add a little length to those dresses that may be a bit too short to wear outside the house. When it comes to putting this DIY together, she recommends applying the shortest layer first.

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