G. Hannelius Interview

Actress G. Hannelius sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her show on Disney, “Dog with a Blog.” Mark mentions that G’s character name is “Avery” the same name as his son. G also talks about her childhood in Maine, where she lived before moving to LA to be an actress. G also chats about her nail wrap App, “Make Me Nails.”

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Chef Aarti Sequeria Cooks Vegetarian - Home & Family

Pealafels, Kachumber Salad and Salty Sweet Limeade
Host of “10 Minutes Meals,” Aarti Paarti shows how she’s injected Indian soul into the American kitchen. Today Aarti shows how to make pealafels, a unique twist on the popular Middle Eastern snack. Aarti pairs her pealafels with a unique Kachumber salad and refreshing limeade!

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Lachlan Buchanan Interview
Actor Lachlan Buchanan talks about taking over the role of Kyle Abbot on the longtime soap, “Young and the Restless.” Kyle's big storyline has him in the middle of a who done it murder mystery. The actor is also a big surfer and gives Mark some pointers using a wave machine. Kyle also chats about his impressive collection of “Lord of the Rings” memorabilia.

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Cristina Crafts - Home & Family

Cristina Crafts an Easter Mantel Centerpiece
Cristina shows you how easy and fun it can be to make your own Easter Mantel Centerpiece just in time for the upcoming holiday. Most of what you will need for this craft can be found at your local craft store or in your very own backyard!

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The Aloha Vet 
Dr. Scott Sims pays a visit to Home & Family to talk about his new show, “Aloha Vet’’ airing on the Nat Geo Wild Channel Saturdays 9/8c. Scott has treated 135,000 animals in his career. He also brings some animals to the show for Cristina and Mark to meet, including a rabbit, parrot and pig!

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Hot Cross Buns - Home & Family

Hot Cross Buns
Dr. JJ steps into the Home & Family kitchen to cook up one of her favorite traditional Easter dishes, Hot Cross Buns. Dr. JJ explains that Hot Cross Buns were used to ward off evil spirits, according to ancient folklore. The buns are a huge hit, especially with Mark.

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Paige & Jason's Wedding - Do It Yourself Bridesmaids Invites

DIY Bridesmaid Invites
Bride-to-be Paige Hemmis shows how to make your very own bridesmaid invitations. Paige startes by revealing her wedding binder which she uses to keep her wedding plans organized. Paige also shares a video of her  presenting one of her best friends, Erin, an invite to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Paige then shows Debbie and Cristina just how easy it is to make these personalized invites.

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Jeanette Pavini's Tips for Negotiation - Home & Family

The Art of Haggling
Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini is back to share tips on the art of haggling. Haggling is a negotiation, a way to ask for a better price. Jeanette says the number one question you should ask when haggling is: Is that price final? Make sure you always ask nicely and never demand.

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Makeover Monday
Debbie is back for another Makeover Monday! Today’s recipient is Juanita, who was nominated for a makeover by her best friend, Yvonne. The added plus is that Juanita’s son Randy, who was away serving in the military, is also here to surprise his mother!  Juanita is moved to tears when she sees the transition and completely overwhelmed when she spots her son.

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