Monday, March 13th, 2017

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Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler

The stars of Freeform’s comedy, “Baby Daddy,” Melissa Peterman and Derek Theler visit Home & Family to talk about their series. The actors are getting ready for their upcoming season premiere, tonight at 8:30/7:30c. They also share stories of their dream roles, which Melissa confesses she always wanted to be part of “Dukes of Hazzard,” while Derek would love to try his hand as a movie superhero.

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Fettuccini with Manila Clams and Spiciy Sausage - Home & Family

Fabio Viviani Cooks

The Italian chef returns to the Home & Family kitchen and today is he preparing fettuccini with manila clams and spicy sausage. He even shows you how to make your own pasta. He also suggests adding ground beef to the dish if you are not a fan of spicy sausage. Remember to cook the pasta in salt water, as well.

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St. Patrick’s Day Make-Up

Emmy-award winning make-up artist Melanie Mills shows you how to decorate your face to celebabrate St. Patrick’s Day. This includes green make-up that compliments your eye color and fun stickers you can stick on with cosmetic glue.

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DIY Elastic Waist Coat - Home & Family

Elastic Waist Coat

Orly Shani is showing you how to add more shape to your coat by adding an elastic waist to it. An extra tip is to remember the ribbon edges are already bonded so you don’t need to fray them. If you decide to put in a cord, using a safety pin to thread them through the jacket always makes it easier.

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Venezuelan Arepas - Home & Family

Venezuelan Arepas

Former Miss Universe and actress Alicia Machado is in the kitchen showing Home & Family how to prepare delicious Venezuelan arepas. The traditional bread recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in Alicia’s family and now she gets to bake it with her eight-year-old daughter.

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4-H Club

Home & Family is joined by kids from 4-H to learn more about the club, which provides hands on experience about different interests and skills working with animals.

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Products That Help You Stay Married

Matt Rogers is giving you a list of helpful products that he says will help you stay married longer.

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DIY Dog Chair Bowls - Home & Family

DIY Dog Bowl Chair

Mark Steines has the perfect DIY for dog-owners, a dog bowl chair using chairs, dog bowls, a saw, drill, pencil, sandpaper and paint. The best part is this entire DIY will only cost you $5!

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Cookware Safety - Home & Family

Cookware Safety

Dan Kohler and Dr. JJ team up to bring you some cookware safety tips. This includes using only PFOA-free pans and making sure you throw out damaged pans.

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