Jackie Collins Interview - Home & Family

Jackie Collins Interview

Legendary author Jackie Collins visits Home & Family and talks to Mark and Cristina about her career and her latest book, “The Santangelos," which is available in bookstores now. Jackie jokes that Hollywood gossip is her number one source of inspiration in her stories. She has even been confronted by a Hollywood wife who accused Jackie of writing about her life in one of her books! Jackie of course, laughed it off. She also plans on releasing a book of the photographs she has taken of famous faces throughout the years.

Fishing Pole Frames - Home & Family

Fishing Pole Frames

Mark Steines creates his own DIY for Home & Family, Fishing Pole Frames! One of Mark’s favorite hobbies to do is fishing with his sons and he wanted a way to celebrate that with a frame. He assures viewers at home that this is a very affordable DIY, as well.

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Gretchen Carlson Interview

Gretchen Carlson of “The Real Story” on Fox News sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her life in journalism. Gretchen is also a gifted violist, using that as her talent when she won Miss America in 1989. As Gretchen became more famous, she shares the terrifying experience of having a stalker for four years, she now can tell her story because she found out her stalker has died, after only spending one year in prison. Today, Gretchen is married with two children, after years of battling infertility and calls them her “miracle family.”

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BBQ Cook-Off - Home & Family

BBQ Cook-Off

Matt Rogers is participating in the 2nd Annual Summer Grilling Cook-Off with Cristina, where she took home the grand prize last year. This year, Cristina makes Chicken Piccata and pairs it with the Bush’s Bourbon and Brown Sugar Beans. Meanwhile, Matt makes BBQ chicken and pairs his dish with Bush’s Southern Pit Barbecue Beans. In the end, Matt Rogers wins the cook-off!

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Noah Galloway Interview - Home & Family

Noah Galloway Interview

US Army Veteran and “Dancing with the Stars” finalist Noah Galloway opens up to Mark and Cristina about the injuries that he sustained from a roadside bomb in Iraq that left him without a leg and arm. Shortly after, Noah battled depression. It was his three kids that made his life worth living and fitness changed his attitude. Later on, Noah competed in the ultimate challenge, “Dancing with the Stars” where he made it to the final round!

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Do it Yourself Hair Accessories - Home & Family

DIY Hair Accessories

Tanya Memme is in the craft room showing you how to make your very own hair accessories. When buying them at a retail store, they can cost you up to $200, but Tanya is going to show you how to make your very own for under $20!

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Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet

Mark joins certified fitness trainer, John Lewis in the kitchen to talk about a vegan diet. John jokes that his family owns a BBQ joint in Little Rock, Arkansas, but now he is a strict vegan. The trainer explains that you can get your proteins with beans, tofu, nuts and seeds. John also started losing weight when he became a vegan and uses Spirulina for muscle repair.

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Makeover Monday

Debbie Matenopoulos is back with Makeover Monday and this week’s recipient is 13-year-old Ally Whaley, who happens to be Matt Rogers’ niece. Ally’s mom, Danielle is thrilled for her daughter to get a makeover, since she is the one who is always caring for everybody else.
Today's Glam Squad:
Stylist, Heather Zweigel
Hairstylist, Tiphareth Star, @Tipharethstar
Makeup, Stephanie Navarro,

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