Monday, June 13, 2016

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Cooks - Home & Family

Freddie Prinze Jr. Stops By

The actor visits with Mark and Debbie to talk about his love for cooking, which started when he lived in Nantucket for three months. Now, Freddie has a cookbook called, “Back in the Kitchen,” using various cooking styles he has learned from his travels. Aside from a passion for cooking, Freddie also practices marital arts and even demonstrates some of his moves. After his interview, Freddie joins Debbie in the kitchen to prepare kielbasa, sweet onion and pineapple sandwiches.

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DIY Boho Table Decor - Home & Family

DIY Boho Buffet Table

Maria Provenzano is joined by newly engaged couple, Jessie Newark and Daniel Fallman who are looking at a boho-style wedding. Today, Maria is making DIY boho buffet table decor. She recommends using crates to build a table and adding a large piece of wood to create the tabletop. From there, she adds decorations to the table that fit both Jessie and Daniel’s personalities. At the end, Home & Family surprise the couple with a jazz band that will play at their wedding.

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Ally Maki Interview

Ally is making her talkshow debut on Home & Family to chat about her new TBS series, “Wrecked” which premieres June 14th. They filmed the comedy in Puerto Rico, where the actress had her own battle with mosquitos, but says it was a small price to pay to work in paradise. Ally also talks about her closeness to her grandma, who has since passed, but always taught her granddaughter to be strong and believe in herself.

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Natural Perfumes

Sophie Uliano talks about natural perfumes. She points out that on average, 80% of fragrance formulations are made of petrochemicals, which can cause breakouts in women as they get older. She recommends, instead, Sage Roller-On Perfume Oil, which is safer because you roll the perfume on and don’t inhale it. Sophie also introduce Home & Family to the only certified natural perfume available on the market, Pour le Monda Parfum.

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Grilled Banana Splits - Home & Family

Grilled Banana Splits

Now that it is summertime, Mark fires up the grill in the backyard to make banana splits. He is joined by his two sons, Kai and Avery and they all discuss their favorite Father’s Day memories. While grilling up the bananas for the dessert, Mark introduces you to some fun new tools to make your cooking a lot easier. Mark loves grilling up a banana split because it is not only delicious but a great dish that the whole family can help out on.

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DIY Toddler Projects - Home & Family

DIY Toddler Projects

Kristin Smith shows you some fun toddler projects that are super easy and fun. Kristin came up with these ideas to help keep her toddler, Kingston, busy around the house. The best part is that most of the materials needed for these DIYs are already found around the house.

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DIY Wall Stamp - Home & Family

The Original Wall Stamp

Laurie Steinfeld is the creator of the Original Wall Stamp, which is meant to save time and money when decorating a wall. Laura has created six wall stamp designs to choose from. Debbie uses the Wall Stamp to show everybody just how easy it to use.

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Father’s Day Makeover

Lawrence Zarian is here to give a makeover to one deserving father who recently lost his mother to cancer. Ashley Vasquez explains that her husband James is always giving so much to the family and never puts time into his own fashion. Lawrence describes the entire makeover experience a joy and says James was up for just about anything. In the end, Ashley and his children love James’ new look.