Maria Provenzano introduces one engaged couple to a perfect DIY for their wedding.

Supplies for Table

  • Crates; rented, built, or bought
  • Large piece of plywood, or similar, to go over the crates
  • Parachutes; can be found at army surplus stores
  • Paint; depending on desired colors for creates and table
  • Assorted pots and pans to display food
  • Map Vases
  • Map wrapping paper
  • Vase
  • Glue gun, industrial strength glue, or double-sided tape can also be used
  • Flowers

Supplies for Hurricane Insignia

  • One long rectangle shaped piece of wood
  • One circle shaped piece of wood
  • White and navy paint
  • Painters tape; optional
  • Ruler

DIY Boho Table Decor - Home & Family

Directions for Table

*Measure the length and width of the vase, and cut the wrapping paper accordingly

*Double check the size after cutting

*Place glue onto the vase, and apply the wrapping paper

*Allow to dry

*Add in flowers

P 51 Mustang Insignia


4 rounds of wood in appropriate sizes; each one smaller than the first Yellow, blue, white, and red paint

Wood Glue


*Paint each wood round and allow to dry

*Once dry, attach each one to each other with the wood glue and allow to dry completely

Directions for Hawker Hurricane Insignia

*Paint the rectangle white with a blue boarder; it helps to create a border using painters tape, this can be done by measuring all sides to make sure they are even, and apply the painters tape

*Paint the circle navy, and once dry paint on a star in the center; to create clean lines, use painters tape to create a star shape, and paint

*Allow everything to dry completely then glue the circle piece of wood to the center of the rectangle piece of wood

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