Monday, August 13th (Previously Aired June 11th, 2018)

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Summer Patio Makeover - Home & Family

Summerize Your Porch in Less Than an Hour

Ken Wingard is showing you how to update your porch just in time for summertime. This includes changing up your outdoor patio pillows. To prevent bleaching from the sun, choose a white or neutral color curtain. Don’t forget to give your porch furniture a coat of polyurethane to protect it from harsh weather. When Ken is done, he shows you a before and after photo to demonstrate how much of a difference little changes can make.

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One Pan Honey Roasted Chicken - Home & Family

One Pan Honey Roasted Chicken with Potatoes

Chef Toya Boudy is back and in the kitchen making a delicious one pan honey roasted chicken with potatoes. After preparing the chicken, bake for 40-45 minutes at 400 degrees. For added flavor, she recommends adding green beans to the dish.

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Nikki Leonti

Author Nikki Leonti visits Home & Family to talk about her book, “All Things Beautiful: 31 Devotions for Single Moms.”

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DIY Wedding Boutonnieres and Corsages - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Boutonnieres and Corsages

Gardening expert Shirley Bovshow is making her own wedding boutonnieres and corsages using flowers, a lapel vase, floral wire and floral glue and she is showing you how to make your own, too! If you are making them ahead of time, make sure you store properly so the flowers don’t welt.

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Dog Park Safety

Larissa Wohl is joined by animal behaviorist Kyle Kittleson to tap about dog park safety. Kyle explains that dog parks are great for socializing and exercising your dogs, but you shouldn’t go if your dog isn’t vaccinated, aggressive, pregnant or a puppy.

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Banana Nut Muffins - Home & Family

Banana Nut Muffins

Lifestyle expert Whitney Port is in the kitchen baking her famous banana nut muffins. For a healthier version, you can use honey in place of maple syrup. When you add unrefined coconut oil it will give a slight coconut flavor to the muffins.

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Must-Have Summer Accessories

The family members divulge their must-have summer accessories.

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DIY Kids' Wedding Table - Home & Family

DIY Kids Wedding Table

Maria Provenzano is getting creative by making a DIY kids table to help keep children entertained at your wedding. She recommends using white paper on the table instead of table cloths so kids can keep busy by drawing.

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Chickpeas Two Ways

Chefs Nakul Mahendro and Arjun Mahendro of Badmaash restaurant in Los Angeles are in the kitchen demonstrating how to make chickpeas in two different ways.

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DIY Bug Spray

Guest host Cameron Mathison is making his own bug spray and bite relief and shows you how you can, too!

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