Monday, July 31st, 2017

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Greg Garcia and Kellie Martin

Writer/producer Greg Garcia is joined by actress Kellie Martin to talk about their new series, “The Guest Book,” which premieres August 3rd at 10/9c on TBS. They both also share the common bond of parenthood and their children are now friends.

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Products for Coffee Lovers

Kym Douglas is introducing you to some of the best products to check out if you love coffee including a spill-free cup and The Hyperchiller which chills your coffee in less than a minute.

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Strawberry Milkshake Crispy Treat Cake - Home & Family

Strawberry Milkshake Crispy Treat Cake

Baking blogger Lindsay Ann is in the kitchen preparing a delicious sweet treat for those who love a good old fashion strawberry milkshake. For an extra gooey texture, melt marshmallows low and slow. You can also aways substitute the strawberry milk powder with chocolate milk powder, if that is what you crave.

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DIY Trampoline Swing - Home & Family

DIY Trampoline Swing

Ken Wingard has a fun summertime DIY for you to do at home, a trampoline chair! Before you get started, Ken urges the importance of removing the legs off the trampoline.

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Austin Basis

Actor Austin Basis from Hulu’s “Casual,” visits Home & Family to talk about the upcoming season three finale episode, which streams this Tuesday. Austin also opens up about his personal life and even shares the story of how he proposed to his wife. The actor is also currently involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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Coach “G” Gary MyIntyre is joined by STEP dancer/students Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger and Tayla Solomon to talk about their upcoming movie, “STEP,” which opens August 4th. Stepping is a unified, rhythmic movement that uses your body to make the music.

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DIY Marshmallow Pillows - Home & Family

DIY Marshmallow Pillows

Orly Shani is taking an ordinary white pillow and adding felt, a scarf and hot glue and making a marshmallow pillow. If you want the marshmallow pillow to be temporary, use double-side velcro instead of hot glue.

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Cucumber Hummus & White Bean Puree Cups - Home & Family

Cucumber Hummus and White Bean Puree Cups

Debbie is in the kitchen whipping a perfect summertime appetizer for your next party, cucumber hummus and white bean puree cups. She also breaks down the nutritional value of the ingredients, including the fact cucumbers flush out toxins. You can also use the hummus and puree on sandwiches and crackers.

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Summer Dinner Party Centerpiece - Home & Family

Summer Dinner Party Centerpiece

Florist Jackie Dumouchel Combs visits to show you how to put together the perfect summer dinner party centerpiece, adding spices and color fruit. For an extra touch, add a sprig to rosemary to each place setting.

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Booking Holiday Travel

Travel expert Francesca Page is giving you tips on how to book your holiday travel now and to look for the best money-saving tips.

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DIY Natural Hair Masks

Sophie Uliano is bringing the shine back in your hair with this DIY that can be applied on either wet or dry hair.

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