Nigel Lythgoe Interview

“So You Think You Can Dance” Creator/Executive Producer/Judge Nigel Lythgoe sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his hit competition show! Nigel always had a passion for dance, beginning with tap dancing at the age 10. Nigel is a talented choreographer and has worked with over 500 shows! Currently, Nigel is all working on a “Fame” reboot for a new TV generation.

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Tomato Peach Burrata Salad

Chef Steven Fretz is in the Home & Family kitchen cooking up a Tomato Peach Buratta Salad. Steven talks a little about his big break, when he met Curtis Stone, who took him to Australia, where he got to cook for a visiting Oprah Winfrey. Today, Steven helps run the hip Los Angeles restaurant, The Church Key.

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DIY Blingy Baseball Hats

Tanya Memme is here to show you how to make blingy baseball hats without breaking your wallet! You can get most of the fun embellishments from your local craft store. Debbie Matenopoulos and Laura Nativo jump in to help out and model Tanya's stylish hats!

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“Bad Night” Interview

Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen and Jenn McAllister visit Home & Family to talk about their movie, “Bad Night.” Both actresses also serve as producers of the film. The two ladies first got their start by successfully launching their own YouTube channels. In real life, Lauren and Jenn are roommates, who met at a convention in New York City.
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Summer Birthday Party Tips for Kids

Ken Wingard has some helpful tips for you when it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party. He reveals his latest finds!  Now, at Wal-Mart, you can purchase Hallmark cards that turn into wacky party hats. Ken also makes layered birthday cookies that parents and kids will enjoy!

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Kurt the Cyber Guy

Kurt the Cyber Guy is back to tell you about the best apps that can earn you cash, too! From filling out surveys to checking on inventory in stores, Kurt informs you on which apps to download!

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Backyard BBQ Foods Your Pets Cannot Eat

Laura Nativo is here to give you a list of foods you will find at a BBQ that you must keep away from your pets! This includes chicken wings, ribs, chips, hamburgers. The list also includes a variety of fruits, as well.

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Water Aerobics

With summertime here, most of us are trying to find the closest pool and get in shape. Home & Family welcomes Aquatic Fitness Expert and Creator of H2yOga, Sue Gisser to teach a couple of basic moves for water aerobics. Sue explains that water aerobics is the ultimate resistance training and can be done as low or no impact. Tanya, Ken and Laura participate in Sue’s water aerobics.

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Makeover Monday

Debbie Majors’s daughter Jessica has nominated her mom for a makeover from Home & Family. Jessica explains that her mother just got a divorce and works very hard to make ends meet. Jessica also hopes that the makeover will boost her mother's self-esteem and make her feel confident. Debbie and her daughter are both moved to tears when she sees the final makeover results.

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