Shirley’s Succulent Pillows
Shirley shows you how to combine outdoor grade pillows
with succulents to create a beautiful creation for your yard!

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Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 6th District, MN opened her home to 23 foster children all while raising five biological children with her husband. In observance of National Foster Care Month, she tells us how the Bachmann Bunch functioned with so many kids under one roof and the impact she made on the at-risk teenage girls who suffered from eating disorders. Michele also shares her thoughts on what needs to be reformed in the foster care system and what happens when children age out before they're ready to fend for themselves. In preparation for her son's wedding, Michele is reforming her own diet. She takes the reins in our kitchen, teaching us to make healthy apple pancakes.

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Larry Elder
Talk show host and author Larry Elder discusses how two recent news headlines involving invasion of privacy relate to us common folk. LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was allegedly recorded in the privacy of his own home, while Solange Knowles was filmed on surveillance video in a hotel elevator. In this day and age, be aware that Big Brother may be watching wherever you go. It's especially important to be conscious of what gets posted on social media because it may come back to haunt you later. Larry also educates us on how credit card data is used by market advertisers and the safety measures we can take to protect ourselves from hacking. Check out and follow him on Twitter @larryelder.

Tea Party Tablescape with Ken Wingard
It's tea time with Ken Wingard! He makes a beautiful, classic tablescape for under $40 with great finds at a thrift store. Ken teaches us how to make the whimsical centerpiece and all about proper tea etiquette to host a chic tea party. Then, Michele Bachmann demonstrates the method of folding decorative linen napkins.

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Breakup Tips with Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas is heartbroken that her celebrity crush George Clooney is off the market, so she's curled up in bed surrounded by tissues and junk food. She tells us healthier ways to cope with the end of a relationship. Seeking comfort and reassurance from friends, journaling, allowing yourself a finite amount of time to grieve, and exercising to boost your endorphins can help mend a broken heart. Before you know it, Kym springs out of bed and is ready to rebound in the dating game! The Boyfriend Pillow is available at for $28.95.

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Paige Hemmis' Laundry Room Decor
Paige brings Mark into the laundry room to show off several innovative
ways to solve some laundry room organizational challenges and
bring some personality to this overlooked room!

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Child Sleep Disorders with Dr. JJ Levenstein
Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP assures parents that sleep disorders are very common in children because their brains are immature. She discusses the three main disorders prevalent in the two sleeping states, rapid eye movements (REM) and deep (non-REM). Dr. Levenstein explains how parents can prevent and respond to sleepwalking, night terrors, nightmares, and obstructive sleep apnea.
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Dirty Hair Looks with Mitch Stone

Celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone shares some dirty little hair secrets to make your do look great without shampooing every day. He explains how frequently it's really necessary to wash your hair and some tricks to give fine hair added body and volume. Mitch tosses one girl's hair up into a teased ponytail and quickly twists a messy braid in another girl's tresses. He also reveals how dry shampoos can come in handy when pinched for time. Check out

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Ask Mark
Finally, Mark answers several questions from Home & Family fans at home!

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