MADtv 20th Anniversary

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the sketch comedy series, “MADtv,” Home & Family welcomes three of the show’s stars, Michael McDonald, Debra Wilson and Mo Collins. The actors each talk about what it was like being part of such an iconic show, that would go on to win five Emmys. Some of the most fun the actors had was when they would crack each other up during sketches. Michael, Mo, and Debra also reveal how they would channel their characters before filming.
Don't miss "MADtv" 20th anniversary special, Tuesday, January 12th, 8/8c on The CW.

Chef Anne Burrell Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Anne Burrell Cooks

The co-host of Food Network’s “Works Cooks in America,” Anne Burrell in the the Home & Family kitchen cooking Cornish Game Hens with Pancetta Rosemary Crust, Kale Cesar Salad and her signature cocktail, Chef Anne Sparkler. When it comes to learning to cook, Anne says to start small and then gain your confidence to start cooking more. Cristina jokes that Kym can use some lessons.

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Smart Travel Solutions

Kym Douglas has a series of travel tips for to make your life a lot easier. This includes a pizza pouch for those who want to eat on the go, a zipper pocket that that helps you keep your underwear organized and finally a water resistant purse that will help you avoid messes while traveling.

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Elisabeth Rohm Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk abut what it was like working on the film, “Joy,” and starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and reuniting with the movie’s writer/director David O’Russell, who she also worked with on the movie, “American Hustle.” She explains the secret of why the movie is a success, saying it can relate to everybody who watches it. Elisabeth also shares what it is like raising her seven-year-old daughter Easton and making sure she gives her everything she needs, without giving her everything she wants.

Painted Fashion Tote Bags - Home & Family

DIY Painted Fashion Tote Bag

Orly Shani is back to show you how to spruce up your tote bag using just a handbag, stencil, paint, paint brushes and gaffers tape. Orly explains that she has seen similar bags at retail stores going for up to $3,500, where Orly’s bag will cost you only $20. Her advice on making your own fashion tote bag is to “be fun and be loose.” Orly reminds you to use a sturdy bag to keep the paint from cracking.

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Keeping Your Tots on the Plate - Home & Family

Keeping Tots on the Plate

Dr. JJ explains to you how to get your toddler to get adjusted to new foods. Toddlers are grazers by nature, so eating small will satisfy their tiny appetites. Introduce new food at this time. She also advises you to keep your children involved with meal preparation. Finally, she recommends you to serve your kids a mini-snack in between meals to hold them over before dinner.

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Fun Family Saving Systems - Home & Family

Fun Family Savings Systems

Jeanette Pavini recommends teaching kids how to get excited to save money. She believes that teaching your child about the value of a dollar is one of the best things you can pass down. She also states that kids should learn about the family budget. She also recommends you to teach kids about savings by offering to match funds towards family or personal goals.

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Ask the Family

The family gather around to answer your questions from Facebook.