Actor Oscar Nunez
Actor Oscar Nunez stops by to talk about his new legal comedy "Benched." The New Jersey native first talks about his long road to becoming a comic, which included a start as a dental technician. Oscar also reminisces about his days on the hit comedy "The Office." And later, Oscar shares a hilarious sneak peek at “Benched.”

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Cristina Ferrare Cooks
“Southern Living” Editor-at-Large Kimberly Schlegel Whitman joins Cristina Ferrare in the kitchen to share her recipe Gingersnap Meyer Lemon Meringue tart. Before they star baking, Kimberly discusses the colonial roots of some of our most precious Christmas traditions. Then Cristina and Kimberly show how to create the lemon curd and meringue that make this dish a holiday must have!

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Staying Healthy While you Travel
Kym Douglas and Sophie Uliano team up to share some great tips on staying healthy while traveling. From the latest in fabulous fanny packs to stylish suitcase covers, Kym and Sophie have the absolute latest and greatest in healthy ravel accessories. And our dynamic duo also share some simple tips to make sure you stay healthy no matter where your travels lead you.

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Extreme Home Hangover: When Disaster Strikes
Lifestyle expert Paige Hemmis shares vital information on preparing for home catastrophe. As millions of us prepare to travel for the holiday season, the risk of serious damage to our home dramatically increases. Paige first recounts her own experience of a devastating flood caused by broken supply line. Hoping to help you avoid the same stress and frustration, Paige shares some crucial tips to on how to inventory your home and what to expect in a similar situation.

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The “Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno
Former Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and the original “Incredible Hulk,” Lou Ferrigno is back with the family! Lou shares hilarious stories about his days filming the classic TV series and bodybuilding with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Ken Wingard’s DIY Colonial Williamsburg Door Topper
Add a colonial touch to your holiday décor with Ken Wingard’s DIY Colonial Williamsburg Door Topper. Reminiscent of Ken’s early days in Williamsburg, this craft incorporates traditional symbols of hospitality and Christmas. In this segment Ken takes you step by step through creating your own door topper and also offers tips on selecting fruit and flowers that will thrive in your region.

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Clinton Sparks & Kylie Morgan
From the Band Together Project, Grammy-nominated music producer Clinton Sparks and singer/songwriter Kylie Morgan join the family! As advocates for the anti-bullying movement, today Clinton and Kyle discuss the impact of bullying and share their own experiences being bullied. And later, Clinton and Kylie perform their anti-bullying anthem, “I’m Good.”

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How to Throw a Style Potluck
Author and style expert Lawrence Zarian shows how you can shop for free! Instead of throwing out old clothes and accessories, Lawrence suggests throwing a ‘fashion potluck.’ At the party you and your friends can swap clothes and accessories while enjoying drinks and food.

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Thomas Kostigen’s Extreme Weather Survival Kit
Extreme weather expert Thomas Kostigen shares some vital information on preparing for the extreme temperatures. As the entire country braces for sub-zero temperatures, the need to prepare is more important than ever. In this segment Thomas explains the possible lifesaving tips we all need in order to safely navigate the extreme weather.

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The Facts about Postpartum Depression
Board Certified Pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein leads an important conversation on postpartum depression. Dr. JJ explains the causes of postpartum depression and how parents and families can recognize the symptoms. Dr. JJ also shares some important ways to treat postpartum depression and even offers advice for men who may also be suffering.

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