Monday, August 8th, 2016

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Officer Byrd Interview

Office Petri Hawkins Byrd stops by Home & Family to talk about what it has been like serving on over 10,000 cases as bailiff on the syndicated show, “Judge Judy.” The show is getting ready for its 21st season in September. He opens up about his friendship with Judy, which goes back 30 years, when they worked together in Brooklyn. Petri stays to answer some of your Facebook questions and even cooks up his breakfast bonanza of bacon pancakes in the kitchen!

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Embroidery Hoop Lanterns - Home & Family

Embroidery Hoop Lanterns

DIY Star finalist Skaie Knox is back in the Home & Family craft room and this time she is showing you how to make colorful DIY embroidery hoop lanterns. Before getting started, Skaie talks about how her life has changed since being on Home & Family, that includes working as an Ace Hardware blogger and having various sponsors reaching out.

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Miracle Make-Up Fixes - Home & Family

Miracle Makeup Fixes

Kym Douglas is back to show with some clever makeup fixes you will want to check out at home. This includes using a wine bottle to contour your face and showing you how saline solution can revive dried out mascara.

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Julie Klausner Interview

The creator and actress from Hulu’s “Difficult People" sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her comedy series. New episodes premiere every Tuesday. She jokes that the show is about two very difficult people who view everybody else in their lives as difficult, instead. She even shares some funny real life stories that have found their way into the show. She also opens up about dating in New York City and how her one true love is really Jimmy Jazz, her cat.

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Kitty Toilet Training

Veterinarian Dr. Tina Olivieri visits Home & Family to talk about how easy and fun it can be to toilet train your cat. She also mentions that this is a great way to eliminate kitty litter in your life and is a lot less messier. She reminds you that the toilet lid should aways be up for the cat. She recommends Litter Quitter, which is a product that will help you toilet train your cat.

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Health Benefits of Bugs

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen explaining the health benefits to edible bugs. She even introduces you to a variety of products that include crickets, bamboo worms and ant candy. All of them are packed with nutrients and vitamins.

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DIY Personal Rubik's Cube - Home & Family

DIY Photo Rubik’s Cube

Ken Wingard has a fun DIY that people of all ages ages will enjoy, a photo Rubik’s Cube. All you really need is a Rubik’s Cube, label paper, personal pictures and scissors. When it come to attaching the photos to the cube, use crystal clear acrylic spray. This entire DIY will cost you only $10.

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Hot Crab Dip - Home & Family

Debbie Cooks Crab Dip

Debbie is back in the kitchen preparing a delicious dip, inspired by the Hallmark Channel Original Series, “Chesapeake Shores,” which premieres Sunday, August 14th at 9/8c. Before getting started, she shows the audience a clip from the premiere. The crab dip goes perfectly with the lush and coastal scenery of the sereis. She points out that you can use fresh crab meat or canned crab meat, but avoid using imitation crab.

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The Perfect "Dadchelor" Party - Home & Family

“Dadchelor” Party

A pregnant Kristin Smith is showing you how to host a “Dadchelor” party for your dad-to-be. She is joined by her husband, Josiah, who is excited to hear Krsitin’s ideas. She suggests a baby bar, which includes fun liquor labels, sippy cups and a baby essential suitcase, filled with baby products. She also introduces Home & Family to Pin-the-Mustache game, matching the mustache to the celebrity.

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