Monday, August 29th, 2016

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Tyler Labine Interview

The actor of the movie, “Zoom,” sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about the film, which he describes as a fiction becoming reality, an inception inside of an inception. He also shares how his nose was broken in real life by a member of “The Hells Angels.” He also talks about fatherhood and what is like having a son in pre-school and a daughter about enter kindergarten.

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Spicy Lobster Salad - Home & Family

Spicy Lobster Salad

Fabio Viviani is in the kitchen and this time he is cooking spicy lobster salad. Today, he also talks about his lobster company in Maine, which delivers sustainable lobster and other seafood to your home. The delivery service launches in October. He pairs his lobster with a glass from his very own wine collection.

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DIY Tailgating Party

DIY finalist, Brittany Young is back and this time she is showing you how to set up the perfect tailgating party. She lives in a college town and says that tailgating is a very deal in her hometown and you never know who will show up. She recommends decorating the tailgating party to fit your personal taste. Food is also important, today Brittany brings her famous pimento cheese dip along.

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Ashley Dyke Interview

Ashley visits Home & Family to talk about her new film, “The Hollars,” which is in theaters now. She even brings a scene from the movie for Home & Family to watch. Ashley also opens up about growing up in a blended family. She grew up in Virginia, where her father was a politician, so her childhood was spent in the public eye. She also talks about parenthood and how her and her husband raise their son around multiple religions.

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Eyelash Extension

Kym Douglas is joined by the founder of, Dionne Phillips to talk about eyelash extensions. Dionne explains that her eyelash extensions are made of silk fibers and will last 6-8 weeks. The eyelash extensions attach to your real eyelashes and are not painful to put on.

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Wine Sorbet - Home & Family

Wine Sorbet

Food scientist Dan Kohler is in the kitchen explaining the science behind wine sorbet and even makes some of his own out of blackberry port. He explains that ice crystals are the most important component for wine sorbet. Dan introduces Home & Family to a variety of alcoholic sorbets and what kind of foods he would pair them with.

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DIY Mudroom Storage - Home & Family

DIY Mudroom Storage

Paige Hemmis is showing you how to make your very own mudroom storage, which serves as a great place to place your muddy boots are wet jackets. She recommends purchasing pre-made bookcases to make this DIY even easier. She sticks to the Home & Family’s style by adding crown molding to the mudroom storage. This entire DIY will cost you $225.

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Bringing Your Pets to Work - Home & Family

Pets at Work

Mark is joined by a special guest today on the show, his golden retriever, Fred! He talks about how Fred has changed his life, including making more social and exercise more. Debbie says that Purina is now launching a campaign to encourage more employers to allow pets at work. if are allowed to bring your pet to work, you should check with co-workers to see if the have any pet allergies.

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Lunchbox Diagnosis - Home & Family

Lunchbox Diagnosis

Dr. JJ is in the kitchen talk about the importance of package healthy for your lunch boxes. Today, she is tackling the amount of sodium that you are packing in your lunch meals. She offers you up some helpful tips to lower your sodium intake including using fresh food, salt your dish at the very end, use citrus and spices and finally, she encourages you to read the labels on all your packaged food.

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