Chris Soules and Witney Carson Interview - Home & Family

Chris Soules and Witney Carson Interview

With the new season of ABC”s “Dancing with the Stars” happening, Mark and Cristina sit down with two of the competitors, Chris Soules and his instructor Witney Carson. Chris notes how crazy life can be, considering he was just an Iowa farmer a couple of years ago and now he’s engaged and dancing in front of millions! Chris admits that he misses life on the farm, especially since it is growing season. The two dancers even perform for the audience.

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Mother's Day Brag Blocks - Home & Family

DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Paige gets you ready for Mother’s Day by creating brag blocks as the perfect gift. You can decorate each block with a memorable photo and on the other side, you can add a beautiful quote about motherhood. The entire gift set will cost you as little $30. Paige surprises Cristina with her own brag blocks that she created with the help of Cristina’s children.

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Anna Friel Interview

Actress Anna Friel opens up to Mark and Cristina about her new NBC drama, “American Odyssey” a role that challenged her by building up her physical strength and having her learn Arabic. Anna even learned how to shoot a gun for the role! The filming of the television series also lead to a sprained ligament and scratched cornea. Anna says she drew from her real life motherhood to channel her character.

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Pecan-Stuffed Mushrooms- Home & Family

Sophie’s Pecan-Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen to cook up pecan-stuffed shiitake mushrooms, a recipe right out of her new book, “Gorgeously Good.” The mushrooms serve as an excellent source of iron and pecans have the highest antioxidant profile of any nut. The healthy dish is a hit with Home & Family!

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Magic Show

Magician Justin Willman stops by Home & Family to demonstrate some of his skills and talk about his upcoming Comedy Central special “Sleight of Mouth.” Justin also had the privilege to perform for the President and even received a standing ovation afterwards. Justin first got into magic as a child as a way to impress the girls and Justin says he used magic on his dates and it worked because now he is engaged! Justin even performs for the show and gets another standing ovation from the hosts.  

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Updating Your Living Room - Home & Family

Updating your Living Room

Ken Wingard gets ready for spring by using La-Z-Boy furniture and accessories. Ken starts with a neutral sofa, then he adds to the rest of the room brightly colored rugs and pillows. La-Z-Boy has over 800 fabrics to choose from so you can go as wild or as tame as you want when decorating your own home.

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Prepping Your Car for Spring

Philip Reed from is back to talk about getting your car ready for spring. For safety reasons, Philip says you should definitely check out your windshield wipers and make sure they don’t cause streakiness when it rains. Philip also says you should also get your tires rotated and recommends carrying around a tire gauge with you so you know if your tires are getting too low on air. If you are going on a road trip, make sure you have all of your scheduled maintenance done before you hit the road! Remember to change the oil, oil filter, air filter, check the battery and spark plugs, flush and fill your cooling system, check the radiator and gas caps and clean the cabin.

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Paige & Jason's Wedding - Budget Tips for Your Wedding

Wedding Budget Tips

Consumer Reporter Jeanette Pavini sits down with bride-to-be Paige Hemmis to give her some money saving tips for her wedding. Jeanette says she looked into these tips herself because she’s getting married too and noticed her budget kept climbing.

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Makeover Monday

This week Debbie and her Glam Squad makeover Deanna Nevin, a teacher and author of children’s math and science books. Deanna and her daughter are both floored with Deanna’s final makeover. Deanna is so moved she starts to cry with happiness.

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