Lesley Stahl Interview

The award-winning journalist, Leslie Stahl sits down with Mark and Cristina to reflect on her memorable 25 year career as a corespondent for "60 Minutes." She opens up about some of her toughest assignments, including covering the war in Iraq. Aside from her work at “60 Minutes,” Leslie also recently wrote a book, “Becoming Grandma,” which is available now. Her book was inspired by her own journey as a grandmother and how important her new role is in her grandchildren’s lives.

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Haitian Red Snapper - Home & Family

Haitian Style Whole Red Snapper

Chef Manouschka Guerrier is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing a Haitian style whole red snapper and pairs it with refreshing Haitian kremas cocktails. The dish and the cocktail are a big hit at the kitchen bar!

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DIY Finalist: Jennifer Skagg - Home & Family

Crib Skirt to Canopy Bed

Home & Family Dream Jobbing finalist, Jennifer Stagg visits Home & Family to demonstrate her DIY skills. The Salt Lake City, Utah native is the first finalist to be featured on the show and today she is making a DIY crib skirt to a canopy bed. This entire DIY will cost you less than $75, but can cost up to $500 in a retail store.

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Grant Rosenmeyer Interview

The hunky actor visits Home & Family to talk about his new movie, “Temps,” which is available today on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Grant’s film was a successful campaign using crowdfunding. Today the film is #1 in the Romantic Comedy section in iTunes.

Digital Dating Dilemmas

Thomas P. Farley goes by the name Mister Manners and he opens up to Home & Family audience about dating etiquette. He talks about everything from how to schedule the first date to how to handle if your date is on their phone all night. Mister Manners has you covered when it comes to dating in the digital age!

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Goldilocks of Fashion

Lawrence Zarian and Debbie Matenopoulos team up to bring you some fashionable looks. They also show you what looks make you look too young or too old and what looks are just right.

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The Danger of Concussions - Home & Family


Dr. Bert Mandelbaum is an orthopedic surgeon and a US Soccer medical doctor and he is joined by former pro soccer player and coach, Stuart Holden to talk about concussion safety for children. They explain a concussion is an immediate alteration in brain function. Today, there are new US Youth Soccer Safety Mandates. When it comes to heading a ball, avoid hitting the ball on the top, side or back of the head and instead use your forehead.

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Cooking with a Pressure Cooker - Home & Family

Pressure Cooking

Dan Kohler and Cristina are teaming up in the kitchen to show you how to prepare a meal with a pressure cooker, which significantly reduces the prep time. As Dan explains the science behind the pressure cooker, Cristina shows you how to use it by making the Italian dish, Osso Buco.

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DIY Refurbished Dresser Chair Set (Part 2) - Home & Family

DIY Refurbished Dresser Part 2

Paige Hemmis returns to put the finishing touches on her refurbished dresser she started last week. In the end, her entire only costs $50!

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