DIY Crib Skirt for Canopy Bed

A DIY from Dream Jobbing finalist, Jennifer Stagg.


  • Crib skirt
  • Drapes
  • Molding
  • Brackets
  • Screw

DIY Finalist: Jennifer Skagg - Home & Family


1) Lay out the crib skirt, pattern side down, and carefully measured the inside box (the part that fits exactly under the crib mattress.)

2) Once you have the measurements, we cut four pieces of small, pre-primed, 1 1/2′′ wide x 3/4′′thick molding to match the measurements to form a box frame.

3) We laid the molding pieces paint side down, in place on top of the crib skirt.

4) Then using four flat corner braces for the corners, we drilled the corners together to form a box. But this is important– we left one corner open.

5) Pick up two packages (four panels total) of IKEA Lenda drapes with loops along the top.

6) We looped the drapes on the box frame, using the open corner. Two panels along the back, long side and one on either short end.

7) Because of the weight of the canopy, we knew we had to screw the canopy into the underside of the floor joists above the bed – screwing into drywall alone wouldn’t have been strong enough. We used a stud finder, marked the floor joists, and measured where to drill on the box frame.

8) Line up the frame with the markings on the ceiling for the floor joists then drilled directly through the corner on the frame, through the fabric, into the ceiling to secure the canopy and drapes in place.

9) Keep the drapes long because you want them to pool on the sides of the bed, and kind of flow out on the sides of the bed, but you could hem them if you wanted a more tailored look.

10) A little adjustment of the drapes behind the bed and evenly spaced along the sides and there you have it!

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