Winterizing Your Windows with Tanya Memme

How to Winterize Your Windows:


Start with a clean surface that is dry and free of old caulk or lint. Load the caulk gun. Run a thin bead of caulk down the seam between the windowpane and the glass. Keep even pressure on the caulk gun trigger. Go from start point to end point without pause. This, plus a steady hand, will ensure consistency in the beading. Smooth down your caulk line with the tip of your finger using even pressure.

  • Caulk Gun $3.99
  • Caulk $2.00

Peel and Stick Insulation Strips:

Start from one side and work your way to the end point. At the start of your strip partially peel the backing of the adhesive and adhere the strip to the surface. Work your way down, peeling adhesive backing as you continue to affix the strip to the surface. Once you reach your end point, cut the stripping with scissors.

  • Foam Insulation $40/roll

Window Film Insulation (This is a two-man job)

  1. Start with a clean and dry surface, free of lint. Avoid harsh cleaners, as they affect the ability of the film to adhere properly to the window. Cleaners with highly acidic PH will cause the film to crack and peel away. Use natural cleaners.
  2. One homemade cleaner takes 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo to 1 gallon of bottled water. This solution has the perfect PH, and you can use excess in the bath.
  3. Application Kits come separately from Insulation Film Rolls. The Application Kits should come with a squeegee, trimmer tool, lint cloth, and window film application solution.
  4. Cut the film 1 inch larger than the window to be covered. Peel the backing off of the film. If you have trouble starting the separation of the backing from the film use this simple trick: Place a piece of Scotch tape on each side of the film, leaving a part of the tape free from the film. These will act as tabs that you can pull away from one another, effectively separating the backing from the film. As you peel the backing off of the film spray the film with solution. This will help reduce curling of the film.
  5. Spray the window with a good layer of the Window Film Application Solution. You can also use the baby shampoo solution to spray the window and the back of the film insulation.
  6. Place the top edge of the film with an inch overlap extending all around the windowpane. Spray the outside of the film generously with the solution. Use the squeegee to smooth out all bubbles and cracks.
  7. Allow 30 minutes to 4 hours to dry completely for bond to take full effect. Remove excess trim with the sharp cutting tool provided in the kit, a utility knife, or XACTO knife. If you mess up, simply spray the film until saturated, peel off, and start again.
  • Window Film Insulation Roll $37.97
  • Application Kit $8.79

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