A wonderful rustic winter wedding display to send the bride and groom off into a lifetime of happiness.


  • Window shutters
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush about 2” wide
  • Snow-tex
  • Sheet music
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Biodegradable fake snow
  • 2 decorative buckets
  • Candy canes for décor
  • Optional: Fake spray snow
  • Optional: Spray glitter
  • Optional: White flower petals
  • Optional: Fake snow blanket roll


1. Paint a coat of white drybrush onto the shutters.

2. Use the same paintbrush to paint the snow-tex onto the shutters in a chunky fashion. Allow this to dry completely before moving it. There are no mistakes when doing this, the imperfections make it look more realistic!

3. Once the snow-tex has dried overnight, add some spray glitter if desired.

4. Use hot glue to add seasonal flowers, if fake, add some spray snow for a wintery effect. Place them in the slits of the shudders and around the edges of the shutter.

5. Prop the shutter up in place and make sure it is secure.

6. Roll the sheet music into cone shapes and use tape to secure the seam.

7. Fill the cones with biodegradable fake snow, white flower petals or a combination of the two.

8. Place the cones into the slits of the shutters to display for easy guest access.

9. Place the additional empty cones into a bucket and the biodegradable snow or flowers petals in a separate bucket. The buckets can be set beside the display.

10. Dress the display with fake snow blankets and seasonal décor like candy canes. Enjoy!

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