Wicked Window Display with Ken Wingard

Aged Cauldron
Materials Needed:

• Plastic Cauldron • 3 Paints: Orange, Black, Brown • Paint Brush Directions:

  1. Place your cauldron on a drop cloth or newspaper.
  2. Pour the Orange, Black and Brown paints into separate containers.
  3. Use a normal paintbrush, or a sponge brush, and apply paint, alternating all three colors with a stippling technique.
    1. Swish sponge back and forth to evenly distribute paint onto the sponge, so as to avoid clumps.
    2. Apply paint to pot in an "X" and "J" movement. Let completely dry before applying subsequent coats.

Potion Bottles
Materials Needed:

• Apothecary Jars • Glass Bell Jars • Paper • Spray Adhesive • Coffee • Use of your computer/printer Directions:

  1. Come up with creative items that you can put in a jar (for example, flour and placed it in a jar marked "Ground Human Bones").
  2. Using your Computer and Printer, print out your label in whatever font you desire.
  3. Age your label by soaking the paper in a coffee bath. The coffee will stain the label, giving it an aged look. For a darker look, leave in for longer period of time.
  4. Once dry, glue the label using the spray adhesive.
  5. Fill jars with items and enjoy!

Creepy Spell Book Scrapbook
Materials Needed:

• Large hardcover 11x14 sketchbook • 2 11x14 pieces of Foam Core • Embellishments – Plastic Spiders, Costume Jewelry, Corner Brackets, Twine • Paper Towels • Mod Podge • Adhesive Spray • Purple and Black Paint • 2" Paint Brush • Painters Tape • Ruler • Scissors Directions:

  1. Mask off the pages of your sketchbook with Painters Tape in order to protect them.
  2. Size the edge of the front and back covers, leaving out the binding on the left-hand edge. Cut two pieces of foam core out; one for the front cover, one for the back cover.
  3. Take the first piece of foam core and glue it to the back cover of the sketchbook with spray adhesive. Allow to dry completely.
  4. With the second foam core piece, measure 1 ½" in from the edges of the foam core on all four sides, and cut the center out. Take that center cut piece and cut an additional inch all around from it.
  5. Glue on the boarder piece around the edges of the book cover with the spray mount (Remember! We are leaving the spine exposed!). Then glue the center cut piece of foam core inside of the border piece, observing the inch gap between each piece of foam core.
  6. Mix 1 part water with 2 parts Mod Podge.
  7. Drop your paper towel over the book cover. Line the paper towel up with the edge between the spine and the actual cover. Be careful not to get Mod Podge and paper towel on the spine, as this will make it difficult to open the book once it’s dried. Allow the paper towel to drape over the other edges of the book about two inches.
  8. Use an ordinary paintbrush, at least 2” wide, and paint on your Mod Podge over the paper towels.
  9. Use your fingers to squish the paper towels around to create the creases that make that leather look. Repeat with subsequent paper towels until the entire cover is Mod Podged.
  10. To hide the excess trim, wrap the paper towel around the inside of the cover and adhere with Mod Podge mixture. Allow the front cover of the book to dry completely before Mod Podging the back cover. Repeat the process for the back cover.
  11. Create an embossed look on the leather by gluing embellishments on to the front cover with spray adhesive. Once the glue is dry, paint over the embellishments as you paint the rest of the book the color of your choice. Allow it to dry completely.
  12. If you want to age it further, give it a wash with watered down black paint.
  13. Add your additional embellishments.
  14. Use your printer to make a label for the title of your spell book. Age your label by soaking the paper in a coffee bath. The coffee will stain the label, giving it an aged look. For a darker look, leave in for longer period of time. Attach to front cover with spray adhesive.
  15. Remove Painters Tape from pages.
  16. To hide the excess trim of the Mod Podged paper towels on the inside of the front and back covers, glue the first page to the front cover and the last page to the back cover, thusly creating a clean inner cover.
  17. Fill your "Spell Book" scrapbook with your Halloween Memories!
Ken Wingard's Wicked Window Display

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