What Every Parent Should Know About Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

The purpose of COPPA is to protect the privacy and safety of children and to limit how websites market to children. Kids are using cell phones and going online at a much younger age. They are sharing too much information. The law was passed back in 2000 to protect their privacy, but it has been 13 years since it's been updated. The old law didn't include posting photos and videos. Thirteen years ago, apps like Instagram and Vine (video posting) didn't exist. COPPA 2.0 requires kids to get their parent's permission in order to post photos and videos.

Where can parents find more information if they have questions about COPPA?
These laws are tough to follow. is a great place for parents to stay up to date. We are raising digital kids and, as parents, we are digital immigrants. It's hard to learn a new language as adults. We are trying to keep up with the kids and it is near impossible. It is important that you know where your kids are going!

EVERLOOP Co-Founder Hilary DeCesare

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