Floral expert Amy Marella is putting together simple and beautiful centerpieces.


  • Cllear lomey dish
  • Oasis foam for fresh floral
  • Chicken wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Green Stickum glue if you are using a glass vase
  • Stand (or bucket) that you will be making your arrangement on
DIY Wedding Centerpiece - Home & Family


1. Soak the oasis in water so it is fully saturated

2. get your lomey dish out, cut the oasis brick so that it fits onto the lobby dish

3. Put a piece of chicken wire over the oasis (this helps keep the oasis from breaking down when inserting your flowers)

4. Tape the chicken Wire to the lomey dish

5. Tape the Lomey dish to the Container

6. Add greenery around the base of the lomey dish

7. Insert the LARGEST flower next - Hydrangea

8. Start with your roses next

9. Peonies go in next

10. Finish with your spray roses

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