How to Wear One Chain Necklace Three Ways

Orly Shani is taking one chain necklace and showing how to easily style it three different ways.


  • Wide link or chunky chain (long enough to encircle all or part of your waist - drop waist)
  • Ribbons (various widths, lengths, colors, and textures such as velvet, satin, grosgrain, leather)
  • Jump rings (to fit chain ends)
  • Pliers


#1 - Short Necklace:

  • Open chain to its full length
  • Attach jump rings at the positions you want to create a shorter necklace
  • Thread ribbon through jump rings and tie (or tighten) ribbon together

#2 - Long Necklace:

  • Wear as-is or attach jump rings and ribbons to create a longer, multi-textured look - i.e. Chain + ribbon

#3 - Belt:

  • Open chain to full length
  • Attach jump rings to each end
  • Tie ribbon to each jump ring (decide if you want the chain to completely encircle the waist, or partially, and have ribbon prominently complete the circle)
  • Tie the ribbon in a bow (either at back, side, or front)
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