Wash Dishes Properly with Tracy Metro

If you have a whole pile of dishes to do, where should you start?
You should never put non-stick pans in the dishwasher. It will eventually wear down the surface of the pan and it will no longer be non-stick. You can soak them in the sink with a detergent like Dawn Platinum and in only three minutes it will be like you soaked them overnight. You also should never put chef knives in the dishwasher unless they are made of complete stainless steel.

What's the best way to hand wash dishes?

You should have a sink full of hot soapy water and a detergent that can cut grease on your pans. You can let them soak for a few minutes before washing and rinsing them. Always hand wash crystal and vintage glassware.
If you're going to put your plates and other dishes in the dishwasher, is there a right way to load it?

When you're loading cutlery into the dishwasher, you want to make sure the knives are facing down, so you don't poke yourself, but you can face the utensils up so you can easily grab specific items when unloading. Also, I have hard water so you want to make sure you are using a dishwashing detergent like Cascade Platinum that eliminates the need for a pre-rinse, fights grease, and has a rinse aid in it. Plus, it will clean your dishwasher at the same time so it really sparkles.
Are there other items you shouldn't put in the dishwasher?

Don't put Tupperware or plastic in the dishwasher because it will warp. Never put aluminum pans or silverware in the dishwasher or they will rust. By washing dishes in an ultra-concentrated formula, you really cut down on the time it takes to get the job done.
Once the dishes are done, is there a certain order you should unload them?

Empty the bottom rack before the top rack or the water from the glasses on the top rack will get the dry dishes on the bottom wet.

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