Warm Up Your Family Room for Winter

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Cristina’s tips for how to warm up your family room for winter!

Add Warm Leather Furniture - Warm things up with leather furniture! La-Z-Boy has tons of options with over 800 fabrics and leathers. Being comfortable with your family and friends is really what the holidays are all about.

Add Accessories to Existing Furniture – If you can’t afford new furniture, add accessories!  Knit textures and cable knits are things we associate with being warm and cuddly and are a great way to go.  Adding throw pillows and blankets are an easy way to do that.

Change out Your Curtains! - For one, you always want to change out your look for winter.  Again, warmer colors and heavier knits bring the warm atmosphere.  But this serves a function, as well.  Curtains help with heat insulation.  You’ll keep the heat in and lower your heating bills in the process.

Have a Winter Rug - Your summer rug just doesn’t work for winter design.  You need a rug with darker colors, heavy textures.  It’s winter; kids are tracking in more snow and dirt.  It’s better for a darker rug to hide that kind of traffic in between vacuuming.  Having two rugs, one for summer one for winter, will extend the life of your rugs, too!

Make Subtle Changes with Plants - Choosing winter plants and flowers with darker hues subconsciously make the room seem warmer and cozier.  Try Poinsettias and firs!

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