Vickie Howell's DIY Felted Ball Garland


  • 1 ball Patons Classic Wool Roving, in desired color(s)
  • 2 yards Bakers Twine, string, or floss
  • Sharp darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Beads or additional embellishments (optional)

For hand-felt method:

  • Medium-sized bowl
  • Liquid soap or shampoo

For machine-felt method:

  • Pair panty hose or tights
  • Small rubber bands
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Washing machine & dryer
  • Laundry detergent

Finished Measurements

Felt ball: Approximately 1"/2.5 cmGarland: 60"/152.5 cm (or desired length)

Directions to create 25 felt balls:

  1. Cut 20, 5"/12.5 cm strands of roving yarn
  2. Work cut strands in hand to loosen up fibers; smoosh into a yarn blob.
  3. Add a about a pea-sized amount of soap onto yarn blob; roll in your hands to distribute.
  4. Drop blob into hot water. Taking care to ensure water is comfortable for hands, pull blob out of water; vigorously roll yarn blob into a ball
  5. Add more soap and water to yarn ball; continue agitating and rolling ball
  6. Repeat last step until the fibers have melded together. The key to felting is agitation, so don't be afraid to put a little elbow grease into it!
  7. Once you’re satisfied with felt ball; let dry on a towel. Machine-felt version: Prep pantyhose by cutting legs off
  8. Wind yarn into small ball, measuring approx. 1 1/2"/ 3.75 cm --does not need to be perfect!
  9. Place ball into panty hose leg; secure tightly into place with rubber band
  10. Repeat these steps until legs of panty hose are filled with individually tied-off yarn balls
  11. Throw pieces into washer, along with a towel or help the agitation process; wash on hot; dry on hot
  12. Repeat last step until you can feel that the felted balls are now firm.
  13. Cut felt balls out of panty hose.
  15. Cut approx. 60"/152.5 length of swine or string.
  16. Using darning needle, string felted ball (along with optional beads or embellishments) onto string, knotting string on either side of ball to keep in place.
  17. Repeat last step until garland is finished.
  18. Tie loops on either side of garland to hang.
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Vickie Howell is a designer, author, Creativity Spokesperson for and Host/Co-executive producer of PBS’ Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell. For more information on Vickie and her projects, go to: and follow @vickiehowell on Twitter.

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