Paige Hemmis is showing you how to turn an old dresser into a playful sandbox.


  • Wood dresser
  • Screws/Drill (we used 1 ½ in. screws)
  • Screw Driver
  • Plywood board (Cut to fit the back of the dresser)
  • Two 1x3’s (Cut to fit the length of your three drawers combined)
  • Wood Plank (Cut to the length and width of the dresser’s bottom/legs)
  • Play Sand
  • Optional: Paint, Vinyl Stickers, Stencil
  • Optional: Scrap wood and Wood Glue
DIY Upcycled Dresser Sandbox - Home & Family


1. Take the drawers out of the dresser and dismantle all the hardware from inside the dresser. Set the drawers aside (we’ll use these later.) Make sure there are not any sharp pieces of hardware left inside of the dresser.

2. Cut a plywood board to fit the size of the back of the dresser. This will create a stronger “base” for your sand. This is especially important if the back of your dresser is made of particle board, since that could break apart with the moisture of the sand.

3. Lay the dresser on its back and drop the board inside. You don’t need to screw it into place, since the weight of the sand will hold it.

4. Lay your wooden plank across the bottom legs and base of the dresser. Screw it in using four screws - this creates a sitting area on the side of the sandbox.

5. Remove the front of each of the drawers, leaving just the face of the drawer and the knobs. Place them face down and screw in two 1x3’s across the back to hold them together. (This will become the lid of the sandbox.)

6. Paint the entire sandbox as you like! You can hand paint it, stick on vinyl stickers or use a stencil to create designs.

7. Optional: If you have a few pieces of scrap wood leftover, you can glue them together to create a juice box holder!

8. Once everything is dry, fill the sandbox with play sand and toys and have fun!

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