Up-Cycling Chairs Into a Garden Bench With Tamara Berg

Tamara's Step-By-Step Instructions for a Garden Bench:
1. First, we decide how we want to orient our chairs.
2. If desired, you can eliminate the front legs of the middle chair and just use the back legs and back rest. 3. Remove the seats of the chairs. (Optional) 4. Measure the length of the three chairs strung together, side-by-side, as well as the depth of the chairs, to determine how much wood is needed for the bench seat. 5. You can use cardboard or poster board as a template when preparing to cut the bench seat. 6. Trace the template onto wood and cut out the bench seat, or use speed square. 7. Using a chop saw, cut the wood to fit your template. 8. Using a jigsaw, cut notches out of the bench seat that correspond to the backs of the chairs. 9. Dry fit the bench on top of the chairs and adjust the notches if necessary. Sand bench top edges. 10. For the best results, sand, prime, and paint. We're using exterior paint because this is an outdoor bench. And, follow the manufacturer's instructions for when to apply coats. *Tip: Like all outdoor furniture, you can use outdoor paint that is weather resistant. It should last at least a couple of years before you need to refresh the bench with a fresh coat of paint. Just be sure to keep the top of the can of paint for easy matching when you need to buy more paint. 11. Once all of the pieces are dry, it's time to assemble! 12. Using a drill, screw the bench seat into the chair frame and reattach the center chair back. 13. You are ready to enjoy your Up-cycled Garden Bench! For more with craft expert and host of "The Tamara Twist" Tamara Berg, visit

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