Turning Old Gadgets into Cash with Andrea Woroch

It Seems Like Every Year There Is A New Device Coming Out, So What Do We Do With Our Old Ones?

1. Repair it…
Before you consider buying a new phone, think about ways to repair your existing one. Certain sites actually fix iPhones and iPods with broken screens and replace batteries for minimal cost. The site owners says the most popular repairs on smartphones are cracked screens, broken charging docks and diminished battery life. Repairing these issues instead of opting for an upgrade can save a person hundreds of dollars.
2. Trade it…
Various retailers and wireless carriers now offer tech trade-in programs. Stores like Target, Walmart and Amazon will give you funds on a gift card for your electronic trade-in. The more current the phone or gadget, the more credit you can expect to receive. At Target, for example, you can either send in your old gadget with free UPS shipping or go directly to a store for the trade.
3. Sell it…
a. You can sell your old gadgets online. Some sites will even buy iPhones and iPods that aren't working for parts to use toward other consumer repairs. For instance, you can collect $115 for your old iPhone 4s 32GB and $80 for the 1st generation iPad. So, gather your old tech toys to see how much money you're sitting on!
4. Donate it…
a. We are winding down to the end of 2013 and you may need some additional tax deductions to keep more of your income. You can donate your old cell phone to Hope Phones, a campaign that funds the global efforts of Medic Mobile that advances health care in 16 countries with mobile technology. You may also consider Cell Phones for Soldiers which is a non-profit organization providing cost-free communication tools to active duty military members and veterans. For iPhones, the charity even pays you for the device in addition to the tax deduction.

Some People Need To Have The Latest And Greatest In Technology, What If I Just Want An Upgraded Device?

1. Deal it
Sometimes upgrading your device is the only option. When you get to that point, look for deals online, compare prices using sites like Pricegrabber, and use such apps as Amazon Price check. Look for discounts, too; I recently found a coupon code for 10-percent off my order plus free shipping at Verizon. You may be able to snatch up some extra savings on top of the free shipping deals.
When Trying To Sell An Old Electronic Device, What Factors Go Into What A Buyer Is Looking For?

The most important thing, as you would expect, is the quality and condition of the product. Plainly put, the better the quality, the more you’re going to get. However, keep in mind that realiters and wireless carriers don’t always just want an unscathed phone. They could be using certain parts towards another device. Just like you would wash a car before selling it, when trading in an old device, you should try to clean it as best as possible, and have all the accessories that would go with it. You want the buyer to trust that you take good care of your products. Visit Consumer Savings Expert Andrea Woroch at her webstie

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