Traveling with your Kids During the Holidays

Air Travel Danger - Kids On Your Lap
• The FAA does not legally require that children under two have their own seat. Rule goes back to 1953 Airline rule - okay to have kids under 2 in your laps when you fly.
• The tremendous force of a crash or rough turbulence can propel the child forward, making it 2,500 times more difficult than holding a child when you stumble in your own hall.
• If you are able to hold onto your child, the forward motion of the aircraft will to pitch forward and basically squash the child.
Buy Your Child A Seat, Bring The Right Seat For Size

• Kids under 20 lbs, should be in an f-a-a approved hard backed, rear facing child restraint system, which must be placed in a window seat.
• Kids 22 to 45 pounds can be in a front facing restraint system or in a seat harness. • 45 lbs children should be seated in their own seat with a seat belt on.

Child-Proof Hotel Rooms.

• Call ahead to see if your hotel has childproofing items, otherwise stop by your local hardware store for a basic kit you can easily build yourself. It should include door knob covers and electrical covers.
 • A roll of duct-tape can over up outlets, protect sharp corners and tie up loose cords.
• Make sure the mini bar is locked.
• Lock the door to hotel balconies.
• Get down at eye level and make sure there is nothing that is a potential danger. If you look around the room at normal level, you’re likely to miss something your child sees easily.
• If your hotel delivers a crib, use the same common sense you do at home, no loose sheets or blankets, and no pillows.

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