Shirley Bovshow is giving you gardening tips about transitional planting.


  • Assorted Bulbs
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Juniper (optional)
Transitional Planting - Home & Family


1. Fill the bottom of a large container that is at least 14”inches tall with well-draining potting soil. Stop about 8 to 10”inches short of the top of the container.
2. Place your evergreen plant so the top of pot sits a half inch from top of large container.
3. Place the largest bulb in the soil. I’m planting Hyacinth, pointy end upwards and spacing them, so they do not touch. This is the lowest layer.
4. Cover bulbs with an inch or two of soil and place medium size bulb- Tulips- pointy side up, spaced similarly
5. Cover second layer bulbs with soil and place your smallest bulbs- Dwarf Iris in the top layer-same planting details
6. Cover these bulbs with soil so it reaches ½ inch from the top of the large container and plant pansies to cover the soil~
7. Water your evergreen plant as well as your pansies, but don’t worry about watering too deeply to reach the bulbs.

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