Transform Your Clothes with Buttons

Orly Shani shows how to make our outfits pop with buttons.


  • Decorative buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Clothes to transform


  • Seam ripper or thread snips


1. Pick buttons that complement your garments.

PRO TIP: You can use buttons that are too large for the buttonholes if sewing the garment closed won’t affect the way you wear it for example, a flowy top.

2. If using a garment with existing buttons, take them off using either a seam ripper or some thread snips.

3. Arrange all the buttons to make sure you like the way they will look on the garment.

4. Sew the buttons onto the garment in desired places. If you’re using buttons that are too big for a pre-existing buttonhole, just sew through the front of the garment and the button to secure.

PRO TIP: Loop through the button with your needle and thread at least 4 times to really secure the buttons.

5. Knot the thread to finish each button and enjoy!

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