Tracy Metro's Top Tips For Getting Your House Clean For Unexpected Guests

Scope it.
Walk out of the room, then walk back in and see what your guests see. People see clutter, not dirt. We're going for tidy, not spotless.
Shove it.
Do a sweep of the living room and shove anything anywhere… in a drawer, behind a pillow, under a book! The trick is to remember where you put stuff, so you can PROPERLY deal with it later! Remember to NOT literally sweep stuff under the rug because that will get ground in and potentially ruin the floor underneath.
Scrub it.
Hustle into the bathroom and use disposable wipes to wipe-down sinks, toilet, and counter area. Take a quick swipe of mirrors with glass cleaner. Don't forget the toothpaste on the faucet! Grab fresh hand towel and light a fragrant candle. Shove things that we all use, but you don't want people to see (dirty laundry, toiletries, etc.)
Shine it.
No time for a proper mopping, but the floor looks shabby? No problem. Use Swiffer WetJet Gain Original Scent Multi-Purpose Cleaner to shine up the floor and give a fresh laundry scent to the whole room. This handy thing makes your floors really shine, as well as loosens and lifts dirt off the floor.
You may even have a minute or two left to put on lipstick and fix your hair! For more with lifestylist Tracy Metro, check out and follow her on Twitter @TracyMetro.