Tracy Metro's DIY Car Detailing

TIP #1: Have Fun!
Turn on some music and get some sun. Washing the car burns calories! Feel good that you are saving money and maintaining one of your most expensive investments on your own – your car!
When washing and waxing yourself, remember 3 things:
Be sure to use car wash soap OR mild dish washing liquid. Some worry this can hurt the paint. If you use a small amount in warm water, the paint on your car is tough enough to not be affected by the mild soap. Materials for washing and waxing: sponges, terry cloth rags, and chamois. For scuffs on tires and rims, you can use my favorite secret weapon – the Mr. Clean magic eraser. TIP #2: Practice Continuous Cleaning
Don't let junk pile up in the car. Always try to remove unnecessary things from your car at the end of the day or week. Keep extra grocery bags in the car to do a clean sweep of the front and back seat. Shake out and vacuum carpets regularly.
You don't need expensive products to get your interior looking brand new. What you do need:

  • Paper Towels
  • Swiffer dusters
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Magic Eraser

Be sure to wipe all surfaces down that kids and pets touch – don't forget your steering wheel. Clean small spaces like vents and cup holders with cotton swabs and dusters.
For upholstered interiors, you can spray a mixture of vinegar and water on stains. Use your magic eraser to spot clean leather seats, buff out shoe scuffs on the inside doors from kids, and clean up stains and pen marks on leather or vinyl.
TIP #3: Keep Storage Spaces Clutter-Free

Glove box - all you need in here is:

  • Automobile owner's manual - this contains your auto information, insurance, and registration.
  • A small first aid kit - you will be glad you have this in emergency situations.
  • Cell phone charger - in case of an emergency, you always want your cell phone to be charged.
  • Flashlight - this will come in handy if your car battery dies.
  • Napkins - helpful for spills or cleanups.

Center console and side compartments:

  • To keep your center console and side compartments clutter free, keep a small garbage can in your car to keep you from being tempted to stash trash in those areas.
Tracy Metro Car Detailing

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