Tracy Metro Finds New Uses for Old Things

Twister Mat as Tablecloth
Is your kid's Twister game sitting in a closet collecting dust? You can use the mat to protect the dinner table during a kid's party. Just wipe it down before you lay it down!
Matchbox as Sewing Kit
Hate to part with signature matchboxes from sentimental vacations or restaurants once the matches have all been used? Take the empty box and tuck in a few needles and pins. Wrap some thread around a fitted piece of cardboard and you've got an instant sewing kit for your purse, car, or briefcase.
Computer Mousepads as Trivets for the Kitchen
Many people are using laptops these days and no longer have a use for these outdated mouse pads. But, don't throw them away! Save a countertop by turning them into trivets for hot foods on the dinner table. (Make sure it has a non-plastic coating.)
Hair Straightening Iron as a "Hard to Reach" Spot Iron for Clothing
Unless you're living in 2003, or you're Keith Urban, you may have stopped using a flat iron every day. Here's a new use for it. You can use it to press between buttons where a regular iron won't fit.
Shower Cap as Travel Case for Shoes
I know these things keep your hair dry in the shower, but let's face it – this is not a good look. If you've got shower caps that you've stopped using, but have yet to part with, they can be used as the perfect wrapper for shoes when traveling, preventing them from dirtying clothes packed in your suitcase.
Turkey Baster as Watering Tool for Flower Arrangements
What do you do when someone sends you a beautiful flower arrangement, it's time to change the water, and you panic because you know if you dump it out and refill, you're going to disturb the arrangement? You use a plain old turkey baster! Suction out the dirty water with the baster and refill with fresh water.
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