Todd Tucker's Halloween Makeup Tips!

Creating an Open Mouth Puppet

  1. Start by outlining the mouth with a white makeup pencil and then make the outline of the teeth by separating the lip into 5 equal parts then do the same on the chin.
  2. With black face paint (you can purchase at any halloween store) paint the middle area black.
  3. Draw down on both sides of the face with black for the outline, this is where you previously had the white pencil line.
  4. Using white paint draw in on the bottom lip and the chin for the teeth.
  5. Paint the top lip red and the bottom of the chin red, this will give you the illusion of an open mouth.
  6. For the eyes, start by using the same white eyeliner pencil to make 'U' shapes under the eyes and then paint the 'U' in with white face paint.
  7. Using a thin makeup brush line the bottom of the 'U' with black.
  8. Simply apply glue to fake eyelashes and glue them directly to the skin at the black line.
  9. Using a bright pink blush, apply the blush in a circular motion on the cheeks.
  10. Finish the look with freckles, you can use a thin makeup brush or an eye liner pencil.
Todd Tucker's Halloween Face Makeup

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