Tips To Protect Your Home From Ants With Raid®

Be Proactive and Use a Multi-Step Approach:
Treat ants proactively, even if you only see one or two. By using the following layering approach, you can treat the bugs you see and the ones you don't.

  • Proactively treating the exterior of your home by creating barriers is important since many ants nest outdoors. Start the layering approach by treating the perimeter of your home using a product such as Raid Max® Bug Barrier to defend against crawling bugs before you have problems.
  • Next, use an instant-action product, like Raid® Ant & Roach Killer, to kill them on contact; be sure to treat areas such as baseboards and entry points. This is important because when one ant finds food, it leaves a trail for others to find the food source so they work together to infiltrate homes.
  • Finally, discretely place ant baits throughout key areas of your home you've noticed are often prone to ants. Raid® Ant Baits act as insurance against bigger problems in the future. Plus, they provide continuous three-month protection.

Treat With Strategy:

  • I like to first create a complete foundation treatment with a perimeter spray like Raid Max® Bug Barrier since small, pesky critters can enter almost anywhere. It's best to spray one foot up and out from the whole foundation, then treat other potential bug entrance points such as utility connections, foundation cracks, door frames, and outdoor window sills. Don't forget the garage and garbage cans!
  • Baits are a great way to continuously protect against ants, even the ones you don't see. When using baits, it is important to place them where you see ant trails and also near where food is stored. Places like cabinets, under the sink, and home entry points are good places to protect.
  • As a rule, make it a habit to inspect your home and yard. For example, people in the South can often see ants trailing along their siding or foundations, letting them know exactly where to treat. A spray that kills on contact and also leaves a long-lasting protective barrier, such as Raid Max®Bug Barrier, can then be used.

Protecting the Indoors:

  • To help protect the inside of your home from ants, store food in sealed containers, rotate unused dried goods (food stored too long is often forgotten about and becomes good ant food) and sweep up crumbs right away. Even a small crumb on the floor is "fast food" to them.
  • Pet food can also be highly appealing to some ants, so remove the bowl after your cat or dog is done eating. Many ant problems are a result of pet bowls that are left out continuously with food in them.
  • Many ants enter the kitchen where the plumbing comes up through the floor and lower cabinets. This is a perfect place to spray down the hole or gap. Then, place Raid® Ant Baits nearby to ensure you treat the problem at its source and keep them from coming back.

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