Tips To Protect Our Kids in Sports

Tips To Protect Our Kids in Sports:
1. Healthy Diet Of Non-Processed And Whole Foods.

2. Watch For Headaches And Excessive Fatigue.

3. Is Your Child Withdrawing From Friends And Family?

4. Is Your Child's Schoolwork And Grades Decreasing?

5. Find Out If Their Coach Is Teaching Proper Techniques.

6. Does Coaching And Medical Staff Know The Signs Of Head Trauma And Are Willing To Report It.

7. Be Your Child's Advocate And Be Proactive.

More about Dr. Kristin Willeumier (Head injury specialist/neurobiologist)
Dr. Willeumier joined the Amen Clinics as Director of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, and is currently Director of Research. She is also the weight-loss coach for The Amen Solution Weight-Loss groups at Amen Clinics for our NFL players, patients, and people interested in optimizing their brain health and weight. Dr. Willeumier received her BA in Psychology from Boston College, and continued her graduate studies at UCLA receiving a MS in Physiological Science with a research emphasis in neuroendrocrinology and a second MS and PhD in neurobiology. In May of 2010, she became the Director of Research, and is currently conducting a study investigating the long-term effects of concussions in NFL football players. The goal of her work is to not only measure brain trauma, but also to investigate ways of rehabilitating brain function.
Learn More about Dr. Willeumier here:

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