Tips for Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Try these simple tips to light your home for Christmas.
Tips for Outdoor Christmas Lighting
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Outdoor Lighting Tips:

  1. Keep your design simple. Too many lights and you've got the Griswold Family Christmas.
  2. Always hang your lights early in the season before it gets cold and wet.
  3. Determine the lighting design plan before you go to the store and before you hang.
  4. Decide what you need - bulbs, spot lights, icicles, ribbon, ornaments, roof clips, ladder, bucket, outdoor timer, extension cords.
  5. Measure the areas where lights will be hung and how many strings of lights and of what length - consider shrubs, windows, trees, and doors.
  6. Take out what you have and test them before you hang them. Organize lights according to color and type to see what you have and what you need to get.
  7. When buying lights, opt for shorter strings because they are easier to store, handle, and replace. They and less expensive, too!
  8. Check chord color - they do come in different colors, too.
  9. They new LED lights go a long way; they are energy efficient and last for years.
  10. Popular spacing is between 12" and 15", so you can clearly see from the street.
  11. Determine where your power supply is and calculate wattage - make sure the electrical set up of your house can support your lighting design.
  12. Don't plug too many strings into one outlet source.
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