Shirley Bovshow shares steps to help you dehydrate corn.


Dehydrating vegetables and fruit is an effect method to preserve their important nutrients. Dehydrated foods have a long shelf life and take up less room than canning or freezing.
Dehydrated corn dries very well and can be stored in an airtight container for up to a year or more.

1. To preserve color and nutrients in the corn, blanch the corn cobs in boiling water for 6 minutes and immediately put the corn in an ice bath to stop cooking.

2. After removing the kernels from the cob, measure a cups worth of fresh corn and place it on one of the dehydrating racks to dry.

3. Use a low temperature 125 degrees for 8 hours, sometimes you will need more time

4. The corn is dried well when it is crunchy to the taste.

5. Remeasure one rack of the dried corn so you know what the equivalent measurement is for the dried corn. You may find that ¼ cup of dried corn is equal to 1 cup of fresh. Keep this in mind when following recipes that call for corn and use the right amount of dried corn!

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