The Science of Sharpening Knives

Kitchen Scientist, Dan Kohler, explains the science of sharp knives.

Directions for Honing Steel:
1. Place the tip of the steel down on the counter and hold the handle in one hand.
2. Run the blade of your knife from heel to tip down the steel at a roughly 20-degree angle (DK will demonstrate how to find a 20-degree angle).
3. Repeat this action about 8 times on each side of the knife.
4. If you’re advanced, you can do this without placing the steel on the counter (DK will show briefly what it looks like for a chef to hone a knife quickly).

Directions for Whetstone:
1. Before you use the stone, soak it in water until the bubbles stop coming to the surface, it needs to be completely soaked in order to be useful.
2. Beginning with the rougher side or stone, place the blade flat against the surface and then angle it up about 20-degrees.
3. Press the knife’s edge into the stone as you move it across and up, then repeat on the other side.
4. Repeat the entire process on the finer stone.

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