The Real Mom Workout with The FabMom

There are so many changes during and after pregnancy: joints and muscles can weaken; you don't feel like yourself, you're tired.

Doctors usually recommend waiting 6-8 weeks after delivering to resume workouts, and you want to be sure to start in again SLOWLY. Lots of personal trainers will agree that you don't necessarily have to do everything in ONE"take" at a gym -- keep moving in spurts throughout day around your house WILL burn calories (I started with cleaning my own house, doing pushups against my countertop before and after brushing my teeth). If you exercise in short spurts during day, it will burn extra calories and add up. A FUN way is to include your baby.
Start With Your Own Stroller:

Stroller Strides is a HOT workout for moms. Bring up a sweat with your babies in stroller - franchised classes in 1300 locations nationwide, business started by one-time Home & Family guest, Lisa Druxman ( Try these Stroller Strides inspired moves in and around your neighborhood while walking your baby!

  1. Cardio: Stand close to stroller, stand tall, shoulders back, tummy in. Start with moderate walking for a 5 minute warm up. Once you are warmed up, power walk for 2-3 minute intervals, taking a 1-minute break in between. The fact that you're power-walking and pushing is hard work! Start with 20 minutes and work your way up!
  2. Strength training: Use your stroller for"squat and row." These will work your tush/legs & arms/back. Stand arm's length away from stroller feet shoulder width apart. You will put yourself in a squat position (tushy out with knees over ankles), and then pull (or "row") your stroller into you while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Repeat for a total of 3 sets of 10 reps. Increase your reps, as the "squat and row" gets easier. If you want to step it up a little, instead of squats, walk in deep. *NOTE: My personal favorite stroller is the NEW Origami Mini self-folding stroller that is super cool and very techy. No more struggling with collapsing your stroller. Just push one button and the stroller COLLAPSES ITSELF! At $849.99, the Origami Mini is less expensive than other designer strollers and it does so much more. There is a jack for charging your cell phone. The Origami Mini is "also the world's first cell phone-charging, mileage-counting, LCD-sporting stroller, with generators in the rear wheels that charge the stroller as you walk. Plus, the origami has daytime running lights, pathway lights for low-light conditions, and sensors that detect when a child's in the seat (so it'll never fold by accident)."
  3. Floor exercises with your baby: Lots of moms like the mommy-and-me aerobic classes that put baby in the carrier, which are fun, but I ditched the carrier and used my babies as weights (it made me work harder).

Core exercises with baby:

• Classic sit-ups – work your abs by doing classic sit-ups, all while baby rests on your stomach! Start with 3 sets of 12 and increase the reps as the exercise becomes easier. • Planks – hold your body up in the plank position while your baby lies under you. Start with 20 seconds and work your way up! This will work your whole body, with a special focus on your core and arms! • Leg lifts – lie on your back, legs straight out. Place your baby on your stomach. Raise your legs until they're perpendicular to the floor. Holding your core tight, take 3 to 5 seconds to lower your feet as close to the floor as you can. Once your feet touch the floor, raise them back to the starting position and repeat. 3 sets of 10, increasing reps as the leg lifts get easier to perform. Have fun and remember – It took you nine months for your body to be as it is now. It's not a race! Take your time and do it right while you get your body back into shape. The 4moms Origami Mini Stroller is available at

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