Floral expert Amy Marella is giving you professional tips on how to tie the perfect floral bow.
The Perfect Floral Bow


  • Wood box
  • Mache to line the wood box (waterproof holder that fits inside the wood box)
  • Oasis (soaked)
  • Sunflowers, Lemon Leaf & Solidago
  • Ribbon
  • Chenilles or pipe cleaner to tie off your bow
  • Glue gun


  1. Pull out the ribbon and create a loop, pinch together and twist.
  2. Create another loop and tuck it under the first loop you created. It should be an inch longer than the first one you made, pinch again and twist under the first loop.
  3. Make another loop, it should match the loop you just made. Pinch and twist. Have your forefinger and thumb in the center of your bow to hold on to all your loops.
  4. Repeat this process and make sure to make each loop longer than the previous loop.
  5. We are looping seven times. Always use an odd number of loops on each side.
  6. Unravel 12 inches off your ribbon spool, cut and now you have both your tails.
  7. Use a pipe cleaner, wrap it around all your pinches and twist tight. This will hold bow securely, but it also allows you to move the loops around to spread out the bow when you’re ready to spruce it out.
  8. Fluff out loops, create a well-rounded bow.
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