The Dancing Scientist Experiments

Experiment 1: Color Changing Milk Experiment

Ingredients: dish soap, food coloring, milk 1. Put some milk in the bottom of a plastic plate or bowl 2. Drop various drops of different colored food coloring into the milk 3. Once you are satisfied with the amount of food coloring, put a drop of dish soap in the middle and watch the reaction How it works:
Food coloring is less dense than milk so it sits on top of the fat molecules in the milk. When you add the dish soap, it starts breaking apart the fat molecules and lets it spread across the surface of the milk taking the food coloring with it.
Experiment 2: Clear and Easy Slime

Ingredients: borax, green and yellow food coloring, 5 oz. Bottle of clear non-toxic school glue 1. Measure 1 cup of water and add ½ tsp of borax. Stir 2. In a separate bowl, take ½ c water and dump in 5 oz of clear glue. Stir. 3. add in 2 drops of green and 5 drops of yellow to the glue mixture. Stir. 4. Add the borax mixture to the glue mixture. Stir together 5. This will form a slime mixture that you can then put in a plastic bottle. It’s non-toxic so if your kid accidently eats it, it won’t harm them. Experiment 3: Launching Air Rings

Ingredients: toy smoke machine, vortex cannon, styrofoam cups 1. Fill a vortex cannon with smoke from the smoke machine 2. Using the air cannon, launch smoke rings across the room How it works:
When you pull back on the air cannon and let go, air gets forced really quickly out the center hole. Air around the sides encounters some friction and it slows down while air in the center keeps moving quickly. That causes it to start turning in the shape of a donut and you’ll see the smoke donut traveling through the air.

The Dancing Scientist Jeffrey Vinokur

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