The Cure for Backyard Blues and Barking Cessation with The Fairy Dogmother

Steps to PetPeek installation from PetPeek website:
1. On the inside of your fence, using the black trim-ring as your template, trace around the inside of the ring at the proper height for a pet.

2. Drill a hole on the inside of the circle, to start your sawing, and cut out your drawn circle. Fit PetPeek window through the hole until flange of PetPeek fits snuggly.

3. Position PetPeek window flange at 2-4-8-10 o'clock positions. Mark the four holes. Remove window and drill the four holes.

4. Remount PetPeek on inside of fence, place trim-ring into position on outside of fence, align holes between trim-ring and PetPeek flange.

5. Insert bolts from font (outside of fence) to rear. Complete by attaching the number of washers necessary to provide a snug fit for the cap nut.

The Fairy Dogmother's Advice for Using the PetPeek:
1. Manufacturers made it for your fence line...

2. Even better idea as a window in a doghouse, a cat enclosure... or a submarine!

3. Easy enough to install!

4. Just remember that some dogs guard resources and if your backyard is a small space, that could bring out the bark in your dog.

5. Question: How do you know if this is right for your dog?

6. I would recommend this to anyone with calm, confidence, well-socialized dogs that don't have any issues with barking.

7. A good test to help you decide is how your dog travels in the car.

8. Those of you with curious dogs who love to look out the window happily may love being able to see the world outside.

9. Those of you who have dogs that bark at people or other dogs in the car... This may not be for you.

10. First, pets and power tools don't mix!

11. Make sure our pets are safely inside or watching from a secured location while you're working.

The Fairy Dogmother's Lesson on Barking Cessation:
» Dogs bark for many reasons... they can be happy, sad, bored, afraid, excited.

» Dogs are barking to communicate... so it's up to us to teach our dogs a language everyone understands.

» You want to teach your dog todo things on cue, teach the dog English as a second language so your dog knows what you want him to do, and your dog feels motivated so that he wants to please you!

» Dog training is a language of mutual love, respect... and it should be fun!

» Barking should be a form of communication reserved for emergencies, or as a cute party trick on cue!

And Here's How Not To Teach Your Dog Quiet:
Some people will try a spray bottle or bark collar or coins in a can...But saying NO and startling a dog can actually cause stress hormones. So even if your dog's barking is suppressed, your dog will be much happier learning how to better focus his energy.
Tips For Teaching Your Dog Not To Bark
1) Identify what causes your dog to bark... maybe visitors, the mail carrier, or other dogs walking by?

2) Reward your dog during those situations BEFORE your dog thinks to bark, with something positive, such as sit, down, or a trick.

3) Interrupt your dog when they are barking, with something as simple as a recall, so the barking is not reinforced.

4) Call your dog over to you every time it barks, and give your dog a treat once quiet, so you reward your dog for coming to you instead of barking. Start with your dog on a leash, rewarding whenever it comes when called. Eventually you can call your dog over before it begins to bark.

5) Prevent barking while you're not around, leave the tv or radio on so that they are not as sensitive to outside noise.

6) Sometimes dogs bark at the unknown. Allowing your dog to look beyond the fence may actually help with barking.

7) Never leave your dog alone outside until he is trained not to bark!

8) Increase exercise... take your dog for a run, hike, walk, even rollerblade or skateboarding or bike riding!

9) Give your dog a hobby... sign your dog up for a tricks, agility, nose work or other fun class. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical!

10) Feed your dog with an interactive feeder to alleviate separation anxiety!

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