Tanya Memme's Lace Princess Crowns

You Will Need:
• Lace 12-15" each
• Fabric stiffener or modpodge • Silver, bronze, gold, pink spray paint or acrylic paints (whatever color you wish) • Pen • Glue/glue gun • Thin metal hair band • Wax paper

  1. Choose your lace. You can use synthetic, cotton or whatever you wish.Cut them into 12-15" pieces, depending on how you want them to sit on the head.
  2. Put on latex gloves and saturate each piece of lace in fabric stiffener. Then, wipe off excess, and make sure clear all bubbles or "windows" formed in the holes of the lace by the glue. Blot off excess glue.
  3. Set each piece out on a sheet of wax paper, turning over a few times to help them dry faster. Repeat this process 2-4 times depending on how well the type of lace takes to the stiffening effect.
  4. Let dry until it isn't tacky to the touch. *after the fabric stiffener is dry then spray paint or paint with a brush or sponge or use a paint pen to bring color to both sides of the lace. Let the paint dry.
  5. Bring the two edges together matching up the pattern and glue with a glue gun into a crown shape. *Place on the head with bobby pins to secure!

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