Tanya Memme's Holiday Gumdrop Garland


For the Gum Drops:

  1. Pint Sized Plastic Deli Containers
  2. Spray Paint
  3. Spray Glue
  4. Glitter

For the Candy Cane Stick:

  1. White PVC Pipe
  2. Red Tape

For the Candies:

  1. Pool Noodles
  2. Hot Glue Gun (and glue sticks)
  3. Cellophane
  4. Ribbon
  5. Scissors
  6. A matte Knife


For the Gum Drops:
  1. Start with pint size plastic containers and spray them whatever colors you want your gumdrops to be.
  2. When dry, spray glue on the outside of the container.
  3. Sprinkle sparkle dust on the sticky containers. Let dry.

For the Candies:

  1. Split the Pool Noodles lengthwise into quarters.
  2. Apply hot glue to the flat surface.
  3. Roll up.
  4. Wrap in clear cellophane.
  5. Twist ends.
  6. Tie ribbons around ends.

For the Candy Cane Sticks:

  1. Cut white PVC pipe into foot lengths.
  2. Diagonally wrap red tape around from top to bottom.

• Work outside or in well ventilated area because of the sprays. wear a mask.
• Pool noodles come in many colors so they don’t need paint. • Use clear or light colored cellophane.

The only thing we had to buy was cellophane. We recycled everything else and used our regular craft supplies. Deli Containers $1.00 Pool Noodles $6.90 PVC Pipe $2.00 Red Tape: $3.00 Elmer’s Spray Glue $4.99 Glitter: $3.99 Cellophane $4.99 Hot Glue Sticks $7 Glue Gun $3.00 Ribbon $1.50 Garland: $11

Holiday Gumdrop Garland with Tanya Memme

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